May 25, 2006

The Stone

Finally! Here it is! The infamous stone.

Rob wouldn't let me take it out of the baggie. So these photos are the best I can do.

The first photo is of Rob holding up the baggie. You can barely see it in that one, but it gives you a better idea of its size. The second one is a close-up.

Gross, isn't it?


Bluepaintred said...

pfft im leaving this comment in blogger comments cus i dont want EVERYONE to see me for a retard.... how do you post more then one photo in a post? i have tried to use the link for fhotos on the blogger form ( the creat new post thingy) but i cant even get one photo in. I always have to use the hello thingy bloger says to download for photos, and with that i can only do one photo!

ablondeblogger said...

Ugh! I hate blogger comments. I just typed up a long response, then the box turned into "page cannot be displayed" and everything was erased...ugh!

I'll try to write really quick....are you clicking on that little photograph button on the create a new post page? The one that allows you to upload photos?

Make sure your photos are jpegs or gifs or it won't work.

My camcorder photos will say that they're jpegs when I upload them, but they have a different looking icon to them. So I put them into Paint or Imaging, save them again as a jpeg and then they work.

If that doesn't help, I'd email blogger about it.

Good luck!