May 30, 2006

Birthday Goodies, Part II

I am feeling so beachy with my next purchases. Here is a long, shell necklace that everyone in my family hates but me:

Then, I bought this breezy, embroidered, skirt on sale for....ladies, make sure you're sitting freaking dollars!!!! It had been marked down, and marked down on top of that, then marked down on top of that.

There's not a thing wrong with it, the style is adorable and it was a steal! Here's a close up of the embroidery:

And here's a far-away shot so you can get the full feel of the skirt, as well as a pic of my favorite new wedgies. LOVE THEM!!

My final purchase is one I HIGHLY recommend to every woman out there, even though it's made for young girls. It's Lilu perfume and it's made by Pacific Sunwear (Pac Sun).

It's far better than any expensive parfume out there, including my second favorite scent Clinique Happy (which is next to the Lilu in the photo).

If you have a store near you, run out and by a bottle now! If you don't, find some online. I swear you will love it.

Everytime I wear it, I get compliments on it. I thought the store manager at Wal-Mart was going to start licking me or something with the way he went on and on about how good I smelled!

I also got a subscription to People magazine since I didn't have to spend my birthday money from my husband on a blog redesign, so I am one happy birthday girl!

Now I just need to cross off the big ticket items on my wish list:

1. Treadmill.

2. Quality digital camera.

3. Trip to Disney World.

4. A spa day.

It'll take quite a bit of birthday money to get those, but I'm determined to get them SOMEDAY!

My Birthday Goodies

Oh, how I LOVE birthdays!! I now present to you, a photo essay of how I spent all of my birthday money in one mall trip, complete with a fashion show by moi!

I am almost all out of my current Yankee Candle (Island Mango or something like that). I wanted to buy a big candle with Storm Warning scent (I think that was the name of it) but they didn't have it at the store.

So rather than buy a big candle of a scent I might not like, I bought a bunch of tarts to try out. The one burning in the tart burner in the photo is French Vanilla and it's REALLY good. That one might be a winner.

I also got Sweet Strawberry, Splash of Rain, Ocean Water, Buttercream and Chocolate Cappuccino. I'll let you know which scent wins out.

These are the adorable black heels I bought, only to realize when I got home that they gave me two different sizes, so I have to go back and get the right size. Also, that close-up makes me look like my leg is the size of an elephant and I swear it's not! :)

I decided, after not wearing earrings for years, to go ahead and buy some. The problem is, with long hair, you can never really see them. Here they are with me in a regular pose:

So it won't show well unless I pull my hair back on one side like this:

or do a weird head-tilt pose, like this:

and even then you can't really see them.

Okay, since this is a lot of photos for Blogger to handle all at once, I'll show off my new skirt, necklace and adorable wedge heels in a separate post!

May 28, 2006

Angelina Jolie Gives Birth to Baby Girl, Stefani Has a Boy

Damn Angelina! I have NO time to post late for a picnic. I made the mistake of coming onto the computer "just for five minutes" to check comments and stuff, when I see that Blue said Angelina had her baby.

Angelina did it on purpose. She knew I wasn't on baby watch today. Dammit.

Okay, better late than never. Here are the details:

Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt was born yesterday evening, May 27, at The Cottage Hospital in Swakopmund, Namibia:

Read the full story here.

And I knew about Gwen's new little guy, but wasn't as excited to post about it. She gave birth to 7 1/2 pound Kingston James McGregor Rossdale on Friday.

Read the full story on her delivery here.

May 27, 2006

Copper's Doing So-So

She didn't have to keep going as much last night and was able to finally rest comfortably at one point during the night.

Things started back up this morning, though, for a few hours, but now she's resting comfortably again.

I'm withholding any food or water right now to let her stomach rest (since that's what the vet told us to do last time).

I'll respond to comments as soon as I can. Thanks for all of your care and concern!

Copper is Sick Again

Her symptoms are starting again. She's able to lay down and rest next to me right now, but she's been getting up, is restless, having urgent bowel movements, and panting and shaking. It seems to be coming and going right now, but if it worsens, I'm afraid we'll have to put her to sleep this time.

The vet had said if another episode happens, it's most likely caused by whatever is making her organs enlarged (they mentioned pancreatitis and cancer as was her spleen and liver that was enlarged, so I would think it would be cancer if anything).

She's very bloated and uncomfortable....she keeps waking often and pacing the room.

I pray that this passes. Our little boy is going with his friend for an all day birthday party trip tomorrow morning, and I'd hate for him to not be here if we have to say goodbye to Copper. Our oldest daughter is also at a sleepover right now and won't be home until late tomorrow.

Just typing that losing her is a possibility is making me start to cry, so I'm not even going to go there in my head.

I'm going to try to carry her upstairs now and see if she can go to sleep up there.

I'll keep you posted on how she does.

May 26, 2006

The Pictionary Picture

Okay, the word was "fig leaf." This is what my husband drew for our 9-year-old son Matthew to guess:

Rob was trying to draw Adam (as in Adam and Eve...the Biblical couple...not the porn company!) with a fig leaf.

Matthew's response to the drawing? "Dad, that just doesn't look right."

My favorite memory in our history of playing Pictionary was when Rob and I were playing another couple. The word was "chaise lounge."

Rob and the husband were a team, while the wife and I were another team. The husband had to draw the word for Rob.

He started drawing....a lung. His wife and I tried to hold in our laughter. After he was done, we were like, "It's a chaise LOUNGE!"

Trying to save face, he dug himself even deeper by saying, "Oh! I've been there!"

Thank you!

I just wanted to say thank you to two awesome blogger buddies. 3T for the 50 BE credits....I had zero so I really needed them. And also for being brave enough to share your thoughts on such a controversial subject on my other blog. You rock!

And a big thank you to Karen for sending me the book "Speechless" that I won in her Scavenger Hunt contest.

Karen the book looks so cool...the design cover is just my style, so girly-girly! I took a sneak-peak at the first few pages and loved it already! I can't wait to finish my other book so I can get started on it. Thanks so much!

((((HUGS))))) to both of you!

May 25, 2006

Pussycat, Pussycat - Taylor Hicks Wins American Idol Finale

~My favorite moment of the night. Prince. LOVE HIM!!! I was so hoping he'd sing "Little Red Corvette." That song ALWAYS makes me so hot. Seriously. My husband can play that and guarantee to "get some." LOL

~Outrageous Conspiracy Theory - Taylor Hicks is really the biological child of Jay Leno. :)

~Was anyone else laughing as hard as I was when Kevin Covais had to sing "Pussycat, Pussycat"? Especially when he sang something like, "Pussycat, pussycat, you're so delicious!" ROFLMAO!!

~Second creepiest moment? Meatloaf's opening. WTF?!! Was he trying to imitate Taylor Hicks with his seizure-like movements?

~Katherine's voice far-outshined Taylor's throughout the night, especially in the Meatloaf song.

~I love the song "Don't Forget to Remember Me" by Carrie Underwood. I bought her CD awhile ago after hearing "Jesus Take the Wheel" (love that one, too). I plan on playing the "Remember Me" song for my daughter's graduation.

~Chris Daughtry still rules!!!! He had the best voice out of ANYONE in the competition last night. ANYONE! Prince, Live, Al, you name it. He kicks all of their asses combined. He gives me chills when he sings.

~What a transformation Clay made, huh?! He actually looked half-way decent.

But this picture still cracked me up. KD Lang and Covais separated at birth?

I Heart Mom

I saw this shirt at Old Navy when I was getting Natalie's spring/summer clothes. As soon as she read it, she said, "Oh my gosh!!! And I do!!" Like, can you believe they have a shirt out that expresses how I feel?! LOL

Of course, I got it for her, and it's one of her favorite shirts now. She's my little sweetheart. :)

The Stone

Finally! Here it is! The infamous stone.

Rob wouldn't let me take it out of the baggie. So these photos are the best I can do.

The first photo is of Rob holding up the baggie. You can barely see it in that one, but it gives you a better idea of its size. The second one is a close-up.

Gross, isn't it?

May 24, 2006

TomKat on the Rocks? Daughtry Says No to Fuel? Ginger Spice Joins League of Weird Baby Names

~TomKat got into a big KatFight over bringing baby to the in-laws (hers). Trouble in paradise? (HT: KC)

~Chris Daughtry is rumored to be turning down Fuel but is obligated to adhere to an AI contract that prohibits him from going solo with a record label for three months.

~Geri Halliwell, AKA Ginger Spice, has joined the ranks of celebrities who torture their children by giving them odd names. Geri named her new bundle of joy "Bluebell Madonna."

American Idol- Who's Your Pick?

I think Simon was right. The two were tied in the middle and Taylor Hicks beat out Katherine McPhee (I'm using full names so my posts will be picked up by Google) with the last song.

Why did Katherine do TWO repeats? I can see one, but I think she hurt herself by doing two songs she's already done before.

But I STILL want to see her win. I think her voice is amazing and she has the potential to be another Kelly Clarkson. Taylor...not so much.

May 23, 2006

Short (sort-of) and Sweet

I pitched a news story to my editor yesterday and he accepted, so I'm working around the clock researching for the story, calling on my cell phone, etc. Trying to make some blog visits in between and eek this post out!

I hate it when I don't get called or emailed back. Deadlines are tight with these stories, and I always am behind because the people I need to interview don't return my calls....ugh!

The deacon is coming to bless our house tonight, so I also have to get cleaning. And finish school. And gather pictures to fed-ex to the magazine for the article I wrote for them. (I was up late finishing edits on that story)

Good news! Hubby gave birth to a really ugly, brown, crystalized, spike-ridden kidney stone!! (I sent him a congratulations on the new "little one" ecard...hehe)

Last night, I heard banging while I was watching television. Matthew said, "It's dad!" I asked what was wrong and he said, "I don't know. I think it's his kidney stone."

Fearing that maybe it was more serious, like a heart attack or something, I rushed into the hallway, looking for him. The office door was closed, so I yelled, "Where is he?!!"

"In the bathroom!"

I hear more banging and moaning. (I know where your minds went just then!)

"Are you okay? Open the door!"

"No! It's right at the tip."


He finally opened the door, then fell onto the floor in the hallway. I see that one of my shelves in the bathroom is lying on the floor (he later said he punched the wall and it fell).

He couldn't move, and I brought him water to start guzzling.

"It's going to take an hour for the water to move through your system," I told him, me being an expert on that sort of thing after a million and one sonograms.

He finally made it upstairs and laid down in bed. The pain subsided enough for him to fall asleep.

Around 2 a.m., he hobbled into the bathroom, came back out with a smile on his face and said, "It's in the strainer!"

I examined it and it looks a lot bigger than 3 mm.! He'll take it to his urologist's appointment tomorrow to examine.

I'm just so glad that one's out. Now let's pray the other two stay in his kidney!

May 22, 2006

Other Nasty Things I've Almost Eaten or Have Eaten

If you caught my mulch post below (how I mistook it for a chocolate chunk), here are some more gross moments in my history of eating:

~ I opened up a can of spaghettios and found a stick inside of it as tall as the can.

~ I was eating a bowl of Captain Crunch (okay, all of these happened when I was much you can tell by my food choices!), and felt something slimy in my mouth. I pulled it out and it was a piece of fish skin, all silvery. I'm almost gagging now just remembering it.

~ There was a roach on our pizza that my mom almost mistook for an anchovie. The place offered us another pizza to replace that one, but we were too sick to our stomachs to eat after that, and we wouldn't have trusted them again, anyhow.

~ I bit into an eclair at my grandma's house and it must've been twelve-years-old because the cream tasted like dog crap (not that I would know what that tastes like!). I can still taste it to this day when I think about it. I don't know how I didn't puke.

~ My husband was eating Chinese food (I know this isn't my story, but it just now popped into my head), and found an industrial-sized staple in it.

So, tell me. Can anyone top those stories?

More Blonde Moments

I finally got to have my birthday dinner....yay! My family and I went to Red Lobster. I absolutely LOVE seafood!

As we were waiting for our appetizers, I saw a gnat flying in front of my face. You know how they fly in those circular patterns while moving forward? That's what this one was doing. I was about a second away from swatting him when he landed ON MY LEFT EYEBALL!!!

I closed my eye and yelled, "There's a bug in my eye!!"

Amanda told me to open my eye and I did even though it hurt. "EWWW! It's on your eyeball!"

So I rub my eye, trying to get it out, and imagine all of the bug guts that are now being squished into my eye.

I open my eye for Amanda again, and she said, "It's on the edge of your eyelid...hold still. I'll get it out."

I held my eye open as best as I can while she performed surgery on me. The bug was finally out. And it was nastier looking and bigger than I had thought. And it was green. EWWWW!

The rest of the dinner went well, except that I had to take Natalie to the restroom (and anyone who's been reading me for awhile knows how much I hate public restrooms) right when my dinner arrived.

Then, on the way out, I'm the last person in our train of five to leave. It's really dark in the restaurant and all of a sudden, I trip over something and go airborne.

I'm able to catch my balance and not land on my butt. I look behind me, and I see the culprit is one of those sweeper machine thingies that they use to sweep the floors with. It's all black.

I pick it up and try to make eye contact with one of the workers there like, "Hey, you might not want to leave a black sweeper on a black carpet when it's this dark because some blonde might trip over it" but he ignored me. So I just leaned it back where it was and left it.

My wonderfully caring family didn't even realized what happened to me and were already out the door. Good thing there wasn't a kidnapper or something who had grabbed me and carried me out the back door, or a serial killer who stabbed me as I walked by! No, they probably would've driven home before they realized I was missing!

When I caught up to them, I ragged on them and tried to make them feel as guilty as possible. Then my husband said, "You should've fallen and yelled like you were in pain so we could've sued them!"

See how much they care about me? :)

May 20, 2006

Movies and Mulch

I watched the movie Match Point last night, and it was SUCH a good movie. At first I was really bored with the classical music and snobby British accents (not all British accents are snobby, by the way!). It took a little bit to get into the movie, but after about the first 1/4 of the movie, it was well worth hanging in there for. I highly recommend seeing it!

Other movies I've watched, am watching, will watch:

~Prime (good until the end)

~Rumor Has It (cute movie...I love anything with Jennifer Aniston)

~Casanova (my all-time favorite kind of movie...with the historical setting...loved it!)

~The Upside of Anger (in the middle of watching it far, it's so-so)

~An Unfinished Life (plan on watching this one this weekend)

Now on to the mulch. I was going to make it a separate post in case no one wanted to scan through my movie list and might miss this, but since I have too many posts up already, I'm just going to write it here.

Okay, so I'm eating a granola bar with chocolate chips. And a chocolate chip falls to the ground, I rush to pick it up (it's one of those chocolate chunks actually) trying to beat the three-second rule, blow on it, then take a bite.

Only it's hard and bland. I look, and it wasn't a piece of chocolate, but a piece of mulch from one of my kids shoes (I can't tell you how much mulch gets into my house every day from the playground). I bit into a piece of freakin' mulch. Just thinking about it makes me want to gag.

O.C., O My

Wow. I just watched the season finale of The O.C. on my Tivo. Wow.

So, for those who watched, do you think Marissa is really dead? Has anyone heard talk about her not being on the show anymore?

Hello Kitty?

You know how humans are embarrassed when they go around with toilet paper or some other embarrassing thing stuck to their butts all day without anyone telling them?

Good thing dogs can't get embarrassed, cause we let her walk around all day without Copper knowing she had a Hello Kitty (of all things!) bandaid stuck to her butt!

May 18, 2006

The Letter Meme

Dawn (aka Webmiztris) made me do this stupid meme. :) Since I was forced to do it, here goes:

Dawn assigned me the letter "n." I have to write ten words that start with that letter that mean something to me. If you want to play, too, leave a comment and I'll give you a letter (and like Dawn said, "I promise not to be a bitch and give you, like, an X or something.")

Here's my list:

1. News- What I write.

2. Nieces and Nephews- What I can't wait to have.

3. Naieve- What I tend to be when it comes to reading people.

4. Noon- What time I'd sleep to every day if I could.

5. Nighttime- When I'm most alive.

6. NYSE & NASDAQ- What my husband's really into.

7. Nine- How many kids I wish I could have (more or less).

8. Nice- How people usually describe me.

9. New things- Something I love to buy.

10. No- A word I have trouble saying.

Okay, your turn. Leave me a comment and I'll give you a letter. :)

Finally! - Elliot Yamin Leaves American Idol

Must've been payback for him snapping those photos of Nicky Hilton! Can you believe how close the vote was?!!! I bet you all of the Elliot voters will give their votes to Taylor next week....bah!

Paula looked like she was going to have a nervous breakdown. Did I actually see snot running from her nose? And her stand-up, love-fest, hand-clapping bit was just too much.

I do feel bad for Elliot, though. He's from my home state (we know Richmond well) and he seems like such a nice guy. But Taylor and Katherine are far better (and Chris was far better than all of them combined!)

We'll be trying to call in for Katherine again next week. Hopefully we can get through this time!!

May 17, 2006

Brandon Davis Bashes Lindsey Lohan While Paris Hilton Laughs On

Oh my goodness. This is why I'm so happy not to be part of the Hollywood crowd. How childish is this video? And that's not half of what he said.

He was so vile, that the majority of what he spewed was edited out. And Paris really showed her lack of class while giggling over the whole thing. He wasn't even funny. Not even close.

Not only does he hurl vulgar barbs at Lohan, he also attacked Wilmer Valderamma, saying, "Is he in a mariachi band?"

Yeah. Classy.

Celebrity News Round-Up

~Paul McCartney and his wife Heather Mills have officially split up. :(

~Can Angelina Jolie ever look ugly? Please? Just once?

~Shannon Elizabeth decided to attack a photographer while out on the town with Jamie-Lynn Seigler, Lance Bass, and Amazing Race's Reichen Lehmkuhl. Click here to see the video.

Perez Hilton is reporting that Lance and Reichen are a couple. In watching the video, I found it funny how Lance and Reichen were walking together, and then suddenly try to make it look like they're with the girls.

See the middle photo here where the girls are arm and arm with the guys. Warning: there's a lot of crudeness at this site.

Perez has been reporting for a long time that these two are a couple. I'm starting to believe him!

~So Katie really did have a baby after all! Seeing a photo like this makes me feel SO much better after having three kids. What I would give to see a photo like this of Angelina in a month or two!

~Other celebrity break-up, according to Perez? Heather Locklear and David Spade. And who is she reportedly seeing now? Gary Shandling. Yeah, it sounds to weird to be true to me, but there you have it.

May 16, 2006

Nicole Kidman Engaged to Keith Urban!!!!!

Oh I am just so excited, you'd think I was the one who just announced my engagement!!! I have been rooting for Nicole ever since Tom left her brokenhearted. I am SO happy for her!!! Go Nicole!!!

Is Jennifer Lopez Pregnant?

I was barely watching Access Hollywood or Entertainment Tonight (that's how much I was barely paying attention...I'm not even sure which show it was!), and I heard them say that J Lo is pregnant.

Then, later in the show, they said she wasn't. So which is it? I'm dying to know!

According to some sources she is.

May 14, 2006

Crappy Mother's Day, Crappy B-Day Ahead

If you're tired of hearing me whine, TURN AWAY NOW WHILE YOU CAN!!! Go ahead. Save yourself! I won't blame you!

Okay, if you're still here, it's all your fault. :)

Since my husband is in the midst of passing a kidney stone, I told him we could celebrate Mother's Day here with his mom (but, I'd prefer to go out so I don't have to be the one entertaining or cleaning).

My birthday is tomorrow, and I'm hosting 15, 5-year-old girls here for a meeting that I have to lead (I have to teach them about a flower, a virtue and a saint), so I had to clean for that anyhow.

For Mother's Day, I got cards. That beats last year, though, when I got NOTHING. The cards were sweet, but I'm secretly envious of all the moms I know whose husbands get them flowers and such.

But hey, my church gave me a carnation and a blessing! LOL And, my daughter's good friend, who may soon be her boyfriend, brought me a dozen roses. So at least I'm getting SOME love, even if it's not from my family.

We were supposed to go out to dinner Saturday night for my birthday, but Rob was in too much pain. Which is totally fine. I completely understood and told him not to even worry about it. We'll just do it another weekend. No biggie.

So I cleaned all day yesterday and this morning for my MIL. They got here around 2:30. They stayed until about 6:30. And the ENTIRE time, I had to entertain them and talk/listen. Why is that?

Because my husband was glued to the televsion set watching a basketball game. So, happy freaking Mother's Day to me. Thanks a whole lot.

My neck hurts from nodding my head for four hours listening to my MIL. And I don't know why, but she makes me so nervous, so I was having constant anxiety the whole time, thinking to myself, "Come on, Rob. Bail me out here. This is YOUR mother!"

Finally, I had a chance to tell him when no one was listening. I signaled with my hands, like, "Come on, join in." And I said, "Are you going to join in the conversations, or are you going to keep watching televsion?

He got really snippy with me and said, "I'm going to keep watching television!"

Oh man. Thank God I'm not a 50-year-old man with heart problems, because I would've had a major heart attack at that point.

Sure enough, he kept watching television. And I kept bobbing my head up and down for my MIL, but this time I was seething underneath.

After they left, Rob said that he thought I wanted him to get up and walk over to where they were, and that made him mad because he was in pain. The chair he was in was the most comfortable for him.


He apologized and hugged me, but it's a little too little, a little too late. I just don't feel very forgiving after four hours of torture.

So you misunderstood me. Did you have to be an ass about it? So you're in pain. Can you turn your head to the side and say two fucking words to your mother on Mother's Day?

I feel like I sacrificed, without question, for him to have the best day possible have things be as easy as possible for him. And I don't get any recognition for that. I don't get pretty flowers. I don't get any help. No, I get snapped at and left to fend for myself for four hours. On Mother's Day.

My mom isn't faring much better than me. I called her to say Happy Mother's Day and my step-father answered the phone.

"Is mom there?"

"No, she's at her favorite place."

(I'm thinking she's at a spa or something)

"Oh really? Where is she?"

"At the hospital again with your sister."

My oldest sister is in the ER for the third time for her kidney stone.

I think my mom and I should run away together, lol.

May 12, 2006

Chase's Doggie

Please head over to Chase's blog and show her some love. She just lost her beagle, and her post is heartbreaking. She could use some cyberhugs.

Fuel Wants Chris Daughtry & Other American Idol News

Thanks to Janet for tipping me off to the news that Fuel has asked Chris Daughtry to be their lead singer.

And, not only was Chris shocked that he was booted from American Idol, but he also thought it might be a joke..

If only, Chris. If only.

For those upset by Chris's ouster (and who isn't upset by it), you can make yourself feel a little bit better by voting for who really should've been booted in this poll. (at the end of the story)

In other American Idol news, Paula Abdul, speaking from a body part other than her mouth, says that she wants Elliot to win the competition.

Paula had these humble words to say about Elliot.

"I feel like I changed the face of the competition by making America wake up and see the talent that Elliott possesses."

If only Katherine had a penis. Then, she might stand a chance with Paula.

Ashlee Simpson - Nose Job or No Nose Job?

See the article and vote for whether or not you think she got surgery here. Leave a comment, if you don't mind, and let me know what you think.

In my opinion, I don't see why she should be ashamed or secretive if she did get a nose job. It's no big deal. I think she looked beautiful before and she looks even more beautiful now.

I think it's obvious she got the surgery. Between the huge difference in her nose, and her evading the questions, you can obviously tell she had it done.

She should just stand up to the world, say she did it, and tell people if they don't like it, they can kiss her ass.

May 11, 2006

American Travesty - Chris Daughtry Leaves American Idol

I am NOT watching American Idol, maybe never again, but definitely not the rest of this season. CHRIS, PEOPLE?!!!!! WTF?!!!!

I could not get my voice to scream in any higher of a pitch as I yelled, "NO," try as I might. My whole family had our jaws to the ground in disbelief.

The bottom two should've been switched around. Chris should've never gone home before Taylor, and DEFINITELY not before Elliot!!!!

I am so freaking pissed right now. That show is a joke. A total joke.

Chris, make an album. I promise I'll buy it.

May 10, 2006

Meat Packages

After posting about answering machine reminded me of my days as a telemarketer (yes, I know....go ahead and shoot me. But I was young and needed the money, and it was better than being a stripper...I think!)

Anyway, I worked for a frozen food company and my job was to offer "free meat packages" to people. Yes, you already know what I'm going to say.

I can't tell you how many times I had men say back to me, even ones that you could tell were ancient, "I have a free meat package for you!"

One time, I went off on a rude person and they called the company back to complain. Luckily, it was just us telemarketers in the office...the boss was never around. So my friend answered the phone and said that she was the manager, and assured the person that she would fire me, lol.

And those meat packages? Nothing more than a measily chicken leg and thigh. So my "package" wasn't anything to brag about!

May 9, 2006

Tuesday Titles

Have you ever been blog surfing and wondered how a person came up with their blog title and/or username or what it means? Me, too. So, I'm starting Tuesday Title Day here (which will obviously only last for one day!). You can start it on your blog too if you're curious about your reader's blog titles and usernames.

So, leave me a comment if you don't mind and tell me how you came up with your blog title and username.

I think mine speaks for itself. :)

Nicole Kidman: I Still Love Tom Cruise

Speaking of celebrities who abandon their families, Tom Cruise is another scum that comes to mind. How long did things last with his ho, Penelope Cruz? Hmm..not that long. Was it worth it? I hope he realizes it wasn't. No matter where his life takes him now, I hope he will someday realize what he had with Nicole and what he lost when he chased after Penelope.

I think Nicole is MUCH better off without the psycho man-whore, but she just told Ladies' Home Journal that she still loves him.

After stating that she still considers their divorce a "big shock," Nicole had this to say:

"To me, he was just Tom, but to everybody else, he is huge. But he was lovely to me. And I loved him. I still love him."

I hope that doesn't sting her new love, Keith Urban, too much, because I think they make a great couple. She deserves someone stable who understands commitment and family.

Dean McDermott's Ex-Wife Speaks Out on His Marriage to Tori Spelling

This post has been edited on 10/21/08. The original post has been taken down and this new one has been put in its place.

If you're reading this, you most likely came here by doing a search on Tori Spelling or Dean McDermott. Little did I know when I wrote my original post that it would become the #1 result in Google for various searches on this couple. I never thought my little rant would go any farther than my small world.

Unfortunately it has and others have used it as fodder to try to smear Tori and Dean. I recently came across a site that Tori was interviewed on, where someone copied my post in the comment section and left their name as "The Blonde" (as if I'd left the comment myself).

I never would've written what I did if I knew it was possible to be read by either of them, or that it would garner so much attention. It was an angry rant that had more to do with the issue of cheating spouses than it did with them personally.

I still do feel the way I do about that general subject. But after reading my words again...having to face them after some time had passed...I have to admit I cringed. I was ashamed to know that I had been the one behind such venomous words.

My heart still hurts for their former spouses and the pain they endured. And most especially for McDermott's son and the baby that he almost adopted with his ex.

But I realize that all involved are human beings. That no one is perfect. And none of us have a right to sit in judgement of others.

As a Christian, that was very wrong of me and it was shameful to both myself and my faith. Quite frankly, it is none of my business. Their celebrity status does not give myself or anyone else the right to judge them or ridicule their choices, right or wrong.

I have no idea if they themselves have seen this post, or if they even care if they did. But I want it to be known that I am sorry for my words. I would like a clear conscience. I would like to be proud of my words here, not ashamed of them.

Thus, I have deleted the original post and have put this one up in its place.

I apologize to Tori and Dean and to others out there in their situation that I indirectly insulted.

I will not be deleting your comments here as I feel that would not be right (even though they too make me cringe reading them, especially knowing that my post incited them). I hope, though, that future visitors might think on this a little more deeply and will agree with me that we should not judge.

Peace to all of you.

May 8, 2006

Blonde Moment #1

Okay, I'm christening my blog with my first blonde moment (well, first for this blog anyway!)

Here's a message I just left on my friend's answering machine:

"Hey, Chris, it's Dawn. I was calling because Diane told me you have the homeschool group's craft bag. I'm hoping you can bring it to Rosebuds at my house for the next meeting because I'm having the girls make thank you fards....I mean cards. (Here's where I pretend I did not just say a really stupid word by accident...yeah, that's right, I just said "fards," but I'm so cool, I'm going to keep going like it was nothing!). Anyway, if you're not planning on coming to the meeting, just let me know and I'll figure out a way to get the bag from you. Okay, thanks!" (Phew, no more mistakes!)

You know, if I contacted everyone I ever leave a stupid answering machine message for, and ask them to send me a copy of the tape, I could make a hilarious audio book!!! I swear!

But nothing beats my husband's all time worse ever answering machine message. He was calling a male co-worker at another branch in another city. He left his message, and at the end, because he's so used to saying it to me, he said, "I love you."

Realizing what he said, he just made it worse. "Ooops. *laugh* My wife would kill me if she knew I said that. Well, I guess not, unless I was gay. I mean....."

ROFLMAO! Luckily he's really good friends with the guy, but I told him that I wouldn't doubt it if they put the message on speaker phone and played it for the whole department down there!

The Good Survive - The Amazing Race & Survivor

I'm a little (okay, a lot) late in posting this, but here goes.

Amazing Race:

~How sweet was it when Eric and Jeremy's cab also got cancelled when they tried to cancel Rolanda's and the Hip's cabs?

~Joseph is so eloquent: "I hate the hippies! I hope we get them gone!"

~Ray: "The crocodiles are going to choke on Monica because she's a plastic Barbie doll."

~Yolanda: "Black people aren't stupid enough to go into a pool of crocodiles," she says as they head to step into a pool of crocodiles. "Or are they?"

Ray: "They will for a million dollars!"

~Did you notice how tiny those crocodiles actually were?

~Did you see the look on the airport guy's face when Blow-Jo said that he'd be rewarded with a kiss from Monica for helping them? He looked like he'd rather kiss a dog's ass.

~I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the hippies! They are so brilliant (except for the end, but I'll get to that). I loved the drama they created with the Eric/Monica/Joseph triangle. And Eric was stupid enough to buy right into it.

~Yay! Blow-Jo got yielded! So funny that they were so busy bitching about it that they didn't even realize the sand had run out in the hourglass.

~So Eric's hitting on Monica, and now Jeremy is hitting on Yolanda? "It's a good thing you're single," Jeremy said to Yolanda, "or you'd be in trouble with me." Again, I still say that the Farts are a couple and trying desperately (too desperately) to cover it up.

~Dry seemed much more time consuming and difficult than wet. I was surprised how fast it went. I think if I were in the race, I would've gone the dry route simply to avoid those spiders....ewwwww!

This was the most intense, and the BEST episode ever on TAR, in my opinion!! What an ending!!!! Can you believe BJ went around the bridge instead of over it?!!! That's what screwed them. Monica was far behind BJ and wouldn't have stood a chance if BJ had stayed on the bridge.

And I was holding my breath, praying for another non-elimination round. Thank God the Hips are still in it!!

Did anyone catch the bug on Joseph's mouth while Monica was rambling on? He didn't even know it was there. We played it over and over again in slow motion on TiVo. He came within 1/20th of an inch of licking it when he licked his lips, and then at one point, it seemed to crawl right into his mouth. Yuck!

~Raise your hand if you're glad Shane's gone. Okay, that's just about everyone.

~I'm torn between Terry and Cherie. I think I'm leaning more towards Terry. I mean that man cannot lose a challenge! That's a true Survivor. I liked how he and his wife were strategizing together during the reward.

~I don't like Danielle. I'd like to see her go this week. Next Aras. I want it to be Terry and Cherie in the final two. But I don't see that happening.

Prom Pictures

UGH!!! I have not been able to be on the computer all weekend because my husband's still trying to fix the network and debug two out of three computers on the network. He's finally gone to bed for the night, so I'm going to try to take a little bit of time to make a quick post and catch up on some comments.

I'm hoping I can get on here tomorrow and do some major catching up and get some more entertaining posts up too! I have read all of your comments on both blogs, and let me just say that I was totally blown away by your comments. You all are just the nicest people ever, and I mean that sincerely. Thank you for your uplifting and kind words to me!

For now, here are photos from prom night that thankfully my daughter survived in one piece (I know that sentence doesn't sound right, but I'm too tired to fix it):

May 5, 2006


So here it is. The new blog. I know, I know. The template is obviously an amateur attempt at web design, but it's the best I could do. I promise it will be much more pretty as soon as Cat works her magic on it.

From here on out, all of my personal posts will go on this blog. If you aren't Republican, don't go back to my other blog, lol! Ever! If you do, and you hate me for my opinions, well, I guess there's nothing I can do about that. Just know that I wouldn't hate you for yours.

I have all of the links up that I have on my other blog. If you want to be removed, just let me know. And, as I said on my other blog, if you want to be removed from there and only be listed here, I'll be happy to do that.

As for the title, does everyone get the joke? My daughter said some people might not get it. I'm hoping that's not the case.

Well, I hope you all like it here and I promise to make your visits as enjoyable as possible! :)