May 23, 2006

Short (sort-of) and Sweet

I pitched a news story to my editor yesterday and he accepted, so I'm working around the clock researching for the story, calling on my cell phone, etc. Trying to make some blog visits in between and eek this post out!

I hate it when I don't get called or emailed back. Deadlines are tight with these stories, and I always am behind because the people I need to interview don't return my calls....ugh!

The deacon is coming to bless our house tonight, so I also have to get cleaning. And finish school. And gather pictures to fed-ex to the magazine for the article I wrote for them. (I was up late finishing edits on that story)

Good news! Hubby gave birth to a really ugly, brown, crystalized, spike-ridden kidney stone!! (I sent him a congratulations on the new "little one" ecard...hehe)

Last night, I heard banging while I was watching television. Matthew said, "It's dad!" I asked what was wrong and he said, "I don't know. I think it's his kidney stone."

Fearing that maybe it was more serious, like a heart attack or something, I rushed into the hallway, looking for him. The office door was closed, so I yelled, "Where is he?!!"

"In the bathroom!"

I hear more banging and moaning. (I know where your minds went just then!)

"Are you okay? Open the door!"

"No! It's right at the tip."


He finally opened the door, then fell onto the floor in the hallway. I see that one of my shelves in the bathroom is lying on the floor (he later said he punched the wall and it fell).

He couldn't move, and I brought him water to start guzzling.

"It's going to take an hour for the water to move through your system," I told him, me being an expert on that sort of thing after a million and one sonograms.

He finally made it upstairs and laid down in bed. The pain subsided enough for him to fall asleep.

Around 2 a.m., he hobbled into the bathroom, came back out with a smile on his face and said, "It's in the strainer!"

I examined it and it looks a lot bigger than 3 mm.! He'll take it to his urologist's appointment tomorrow to examine.

I'm just so glad that one's out. Now let's pray the other two stay in his kidney!


Anonymous said...

I think I already told you that my hubby had a kidney stone, it passed an hour after I had our daughter! He took pictures and put it on a slide show for the church, there were pics of our baby, and his baby! Oh, his site right here on the desk! sick!

ablondeblogger said...

ROFL! That is hilarious! It was like giving birth. You know how the baby's almost out then slides back up and you have to push some more. That's what it was like for him. Poor guy.