May 11, 2006

American Travesty - Chris Daughtry Leaves American Idol

I am NOT watching American Idol, maybe never again, but definitely not the rest of this season. CHRIS, PEOPLE?!!!!! WTF?!!!!

I could not get my voice to scream in any higher of a pitch as I yelled, "NO," try as I might. My whole family had our jaws to the ground in disbelief.

The bottom two should've been switched around. Chris should've never gone home before Taylor, and DEFINITELY not before Elliot!!!!

I am so freaking pissed right now. That show is a joke. A total joke.

Chris, make an album. I promise I'll buy it.


princess said...

I know you don't know me but I just read what you wrote about American Idol and I agree with you...I personaly still think I am shocked with the lousy results...Well at least I know we will be buying his album when he relaeses one!!!

ablondeblogger said...

Hi Princess! I'm so glad you commented. I think most of America feels the way we do. I bet their ratings go down the toilet after last night!