May 8, 2006

The Good Survive - The Amazing Race & Survivor

I'm a little (okay, a lot) late in posting this, but here goes.

Amazing Race:

~How sweet was it when Eric and Jeremy's cab also got cancelled when they tried to cancel Rolanda's and the Hip's cabs?

~Joseph is so eloquent: "I hate the hippies! I hope we get them gone!"

~Ray: "The crocodiles are going to choke on Monica because she's a plastic Barbie doll."

~Yolanda: "Black people aren't stupid enough to go into a pool of crocodiles," she says as they head to step into a pool of crocodiles. "Or are they?"

Ray: "They will for a million dollars!"

~Did you notice how tiny those crocodiles actually were?

~Did you see the look on the airport guy's face when Blow-Jo said that he'd be rewarded with a kiss from Monica for helping them? He looked like he'd rather kiss a dog's ass.

~I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the hippies! They are so brilliant (except for the end, but I'll get to that). I loved the drama they created with the Eric/Monica/Joseph triangle. And Eric was stupid enough to buy right into it.

~Yay! Blow-Jo got yielded! So funny that they were so busy bitching about it that they didn't even realize the sand had run out in the hourglass.

~So Eric's hitting on Monica, and now Jeremy is hitting on Yolanda? "It's a good thing you're single," Jeremy said to Yolanda, "or you'd be in trouble with me." Again, I still say that the Farts are a couple and trying desperately (too desperately) to cover it up.

~Dry seemed much more time consuming and difficult than wet. I was surprised how fast it went. I think if I were in the race, I would've gone the dry route simply to avoid those spiders....ewwwww!

This was the most intense, and the BEST episode ever on TAR, in my opinion!! What an ending!!!! Can you believe BJ went around the bridge instead of over it?!!! That's what screwed them. Monica was far behind BJ and wouldn't have stood a chance if BJ had stayed on the bridge.

And I was holding my breath, praying for another non-elimination round. Thank God the Hips are still in it!!

Did anyone catch the bug on Joseph's mouth while Monica was rambling on? He didn't even know it was there. We played it over and over again in slow motion on TiVo. He came within 1/20th of an inch of licking it when he licked his lips, and then at one point, it seemed to crawl right into his mouth. Yuck!

~Raise your hand if you're glad Shane's gone. Okay, that's just about everyone.

~I'm torn between Terry and Cherie. I think I'm leaning more towards Terry. I mean that man cannot lose a challenge! That's a true Survivor. I liked how he and his wife were strategizing together during the reward.

~I don't like Danielle. I'd like to see her go this week. Next Aras. I want it to be Terry and Cherie in the final two. But I don't see that happening.

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