May 20, 2006

Movies and Mulch

I watched the movie Match Point last night, and it was SUCH a good movie. At first I was really bored with the classical music and snobby British accents (not all British accents are snobby, by the way!). It took a little bit to get into the movie, but after about the first 1/4 of the movie, it was well worth hanging in there for. I highly recommend seeing it!

Other movies I've watched, am watching, will watch:

~Prime (good until the end)

~Rumor Has It (cute movie...I love anything with Jennifer Aniston)

~Casanova (my all-time favorite kind of movie...with the historical setting...loved it!)

~The Upside of Anger (in the middle of watching it far, it's so-so)

~An Unfinished Life (plan on watching this one this weekend)

Now on to the mulch. I was going to make it a separate post in case no one wanted to scan through my movie list and might miss this, but since I have too many posts up already, I'm just going to write it here.

Okay, so I'm eating a granola bar with chocolate chips. And a chocolate chip falls to the ground, I rush to pick it up (it's one of those chocolate chunks actually) trying to beat the three-second rule, blow on it, then take a bite.

Only it's hard and bland. I look, and it wasn't a piece of chocolate, but a piece of mulch from one of my kids shoes (I can't tell you how much mulch gets into my house every day from the playground). I bit into a piece of freakin' mulch. Just thinking about it makes me want to gag.


Anonymous said...

I soooo wish I had a British accent!! because I'm so weird, I pick up accents quickly, so I want to go over there for like a year (you know, so it would stick for a while.) and come back and sound all snobish and cool around everyone here with their boring american non accents.

ablondeblogger said...

ROFL! My friends and I were hanging out in DC when I was a teen, and we were at Georgetown's campus, and we tried to pretend we were from England, but the guys we were talking to just thought we were weird, lol!