May 22, 2006

More Blonde Moments

I finally got to have my birthday dinner....yay! My family and I went to Red Lobster. I absolutely LOVE seafood!

As we were waiting for our appetizers, I saw a gnat flying in front of my face. You know how they fly in those circular patterns while moving forward? That's what this one was doing. I was about a second away from swatting him when he landed ON MY LEFT EYEBALL!!!

I closed my eye and yelled, "There's a bug in my eye!!"

Amanda told me to open my eye and I did even though it hurt. "EWWW! It's on your eyeball!"

So I rub my eye, trying to get it out, and imagine all of the bug guts that are now being squished into my eye.

I open my eye for Amanda again, and she said, "It's on the edge of your eyelid...hold still. I'll get it out."

I held my eye open as best as I can while she performed surgery on me. The bug was finally out. And it was nastier looking and bigger than I had thought. And it was green. EWWWW!

The rest of the dinner went well, except that I had to take Natalie to the restroom (and anyone who's been reading me for awhile knows how much I hate public restrooms) right when my dinner arrived.

Then, on the way out, I'm the last person in our train of five to leave. It's really dark in the restaurant and all of a sudden, I trip over something and go airborne.

I'm able to catch my balance and not land on my butt. I look behind me, and I see the culprit is one of those sweeper machine thingies that they use to sweep the floors with. It's all black.

I pick it up and try to make eye contact with one of the workers there like, "Hey, you might not want to leave a black sweeper on a black carpet when it's this dark because some blonde might trip over it" but he ignored me. So I just leaned it back where it was and left it.

My wonderfully caring family didn't even realized what happened to me and were already out the door. Good thing there wasn't a kidnapper or something who had grabbed me and carried me out the back door, or a serial killer who stabbed me as I walked by! No, they probably would've driven home before they realized I was missing!

When I caught up to them, I ragged on them and tried to make them feel as guilty as possible. Then my husband said, "You should've fallen and yelled like you were in pain so we could've sued them!"

See how much they care about me? :)


The Flip Flop Mamma! said...

I just love reading your posts, I check all the time to see if there are new ones!

ablondeblogger said...

Aww, thanks Flip!! I'm glad to know I'm not boring you to death, lol!