May 14, 2006

Crappy Mother's Day, Crappy B-Day Ahead

If you're tired of hearing me whine, TURN AWAY NOW WHILE YOU CAN!!! Go ahead. Save yourself! I won't blame you!

Okay, if you're still here, it's all your fault. :)

Since my husband is in the midst of passing a kidney stone, I told him we could celebrate Mother's Day here with his mom (but, I'd prefer to go out so I don't have to be the one entertaining or cleaning).

My birthday is tomorrow, and I'm hosting 15, 5-year-old girls here for a meeting that I have to lead (I have to teach them about a flower, a virtue and a saint), so I had to clean for that anyhow.

For Mother's Day, I got cards. That beats last year, though, when I got NOTHING. The cards were sweet, but I'm secretly envious of all the moms I know whose husbands get them flowers and such.

But hey, my church gave me a carnation and a blessing! LOL And, my daughter's good friend, who may soon be her boyfriend, brought me a dozen roses. So at least I'm getting SOME love, even if it's not from my family.

We were supposed to go out to dinner Saturday night for my birthday, but Rob was in too much pain. Which is totally fine. I completely understood and told him not to even worry about it. We'll just do it another weekend. No biggie.

So I cleaned all day yesterday and this morning for my MIL. They got here around 2:30. They stayed until about 6:30. And the ENTIRE time, I had to entertain them and talk/listen. Why is that?

Because my husband was glued to the televsion set watching a basketball game. So, happy freaking Mother's Day to me. Thanks a whole lot.

My neck hurts from nodding my head for four hours listening to my MIL. And I don't know why, but she makes me so nervous, so I was having constant anxiety the whole time, thinking to myself, "Come on, Rob. Bail me out here. This is YOUR mother!"

Finally, I had a chance to tell him when no one was listening. I signaled with my hands, like, "Come on, join in." And I said, "Are you going to join in the conversations, or are you going to keep watching televsion?

He got really snippy with me and said, "I'm going to keep watching television!"

Oh man. Thank God I'm not a 50-year-old man with heart problems, because I would've had a major heart attack at that point.

Sure enough, he kept watching television. And I kept bobbing my head up and down for my MIL, but this time I was seething underneath.

After they left, Rob said that he thought I wanted him to get up and walk over to where they were, and that made him mad because he was in pain. The chair he was in was the most comfortable for him.


He apologized and hugged me, but it's a little too little, a little too late. I just don't feel very forgiving after four hours of torture.

So you misunderstood me. Did you have to be an ass about it? So you're in pain. Can you turn your head to the side and say two fucking words to your mother on Mother's Day?

I feel like I sacrificed, without question, for him to have the best day possible have things be as easy as possible for him. And I don't get any recognition for that. I don't get pretty flowers. I don't get any help. No, I get snapped at and left to fend for myself for four hours. On Mother's Day.

My mom isn't faring much better than me. I called her to say Happy Mother's Day and my step-father answered the phone.

"Is mom there?"

"No, she's at her favorite place."

(I'm thinking she's at a spa or something)

"Oh really? Where is she?"

"At the hospital again with your sister."

My oldest sister is in the ER for the third time for her kidney stone.

I think my mom and I should run away together, lol.


Neurotic Mom said...

awww i'm so sorry your day was rotten (((((hugs))))) don't feel bad i only got cards and made my own dinner (hubby works nights so i'm SOL for holidays on weekends)

ablondeblogger said...

Wow! I had it better than you. We ordered pizza, lol. And I'm refusing to cook tonight, too!