May 26, 2006

The Pictionary Picture

Okay, the word was "fig leaf." This is what my husband drew for our 9-year-old son Matthew to guess:

Rob was trying to draw Adam (as in Adam and Eve...the Biblical couple...not the porn company!) with a fig leaf.

Matthew's response to the drawing? "Dad, that just doesn't look right."

My favorite memory in our history of playing Pictionary was when Rob and I were playing another couple. The word was "chaise lounge."

Rob and the husband were a team, while the wife and I were another team. The husband had to draw the word for Rob.

He started drawing....a lung. His wife and I tried to hold in our laughter. After he was done, we were like, "It's a chaise LOUNGE!"

Trying to save face, he dug himself even deeper by saying, "Oh! I've been there!"

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