May 12, 2006

Fuel Wants Chris Daughtry & Other American Idol News

Thanks to Janet for tipping me off to the news that Fuel has asked Chris Daughtry to be their lead singer.

And, not only was Chris shocked that he was booted from American Idol, but he also thought it might be a joke..

If only, Chris. If only.

For those upset by Chris's ouster (and who isn't upset by it), you can make yourself feel a little bit better by voting for who really should've been booted in this poll. (at the end of the story)

In other American Idol news, Paula Abdul, speaking from a body part other than her mouth, says that she wants Elliot to win the competition.

Paula had these humble words to say about Elliot.

"I feel like I changed the face of the competition by making America wake up and see the talent that Elliott possesses."

If only Katherine had a penis. Then, she might stand a chance with Paula.

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