Jun 28, 2006

The View Feud - Star Jones Reynolds vs. Barbara Walters

ABC to Star Jones Reynolds: "Get your lawyer ass out of here NOW and don't come back!"

Well, not in those words exactly, but that's what they meant!

After Star announced on Tuesday's edition of The View that she would be leaving the show in July, the network got pissed and told her not to come back.

And this is what Star has told People magazine exclusively:

"What you don't know is that my contract was not renewed for the tenth season. I feel like I was fired." She adds that she got the news just days before reports surfaced that Rosie O'Donnell – one of her most vocal critics – would be joining The View in the fall.

Star didn't show up for today's edition of The View. And now, Barbara Walters is saying she felt betrayed by Star's comments.

Take a look at this quote from Walters:

Walters's on-air statement echoed what she told PEOPLE Tuesday: "Bill Geddie (The View's coexecutive producer) and I said to her, 'Handle this any way you want. You can say anything about a new job, you can say anything about a new road. Whatever you say, we'll back you up. We will never say that your contract was not renewed.'"

Wasn't that so nice of them? Gee, they gave her all the room in the world to lie for them and pretend that Walters and Geddie were innocent and didn't fire Star. How could she "betray" them and tell everyone the truth about why she was leaving and make Walters and Geddie look bad?!!! What about her "dignity?"

Geez. With that kind of attitude, I say Star is much better without them!

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EC said...

So glad to see you back! At least for a day or so ;)

I would have to respectfully disagree with your take on this, although I really didn't look at it this way. I think Star's ego has gotten so large over the past year its getting out of control. I think Barbara and Geddie actually were doing the right thing by not making it publically known she was not being renewed. It WAS her way to leave with dignity, saying that she had other plans or something. STAR was the one that put all this out in the public, and then when they had planned to tell the viewing audience on Thursday, she went against what they had planned and went off on her own tangent because she is a diva. She could have had the same send off as Meredith, and the public could have never known. So, personally i think its entirely her own fault, and I don't think most people look at her very favorably after this. But again, who the heck knows...