Jun 6, 2006

And the Winner Is......

Rank Pick Set Name Points
1 Kimi's Picks 942
2 Crazedmom 756
3 Dawn's picks 705
4 Stef's Picks 653
5 Synergy Stinks 625
6 mary 568
7 amanda's picks 563
8 Rob's Picks 251
9 group #380 WriteWingBlog 128
10 ali 65

KIMI!!! Congratulations!

Kimi got first place in The Apprentice Fantasy Game and wins a $10 Starbucks card! (Kimi, Dawn said there aren't any Starbucks near you all, so I hope you can find one to use it at!)

I forgot to make my picks last week, which pushed me down into third place.

And just so you know? Ali "Not a Quitter" is in last place because she had log-in problems with the game. Or so she says. ;) (totally teasing you, Ali!)

Congratulations, Kimi, and thanks to everyone who played!


Kimi said...

Hey Dawn! Thanks for the card! I'm sure I'll find one somewhere to use it. ;)

BTW, I'm out of my funk and I'm back. :)

ablondeblogger said...

So glad you're back, Kimi! I mailed out the card yesterday. Enjoy! :)