Jun 29, 2006

Star Jones Reynolds Calls Barbara Walters a "Hypocrite"

Oh, The View Feud rages on, and it just gets juicier and juicier. Now comes this story from People reporting that Star called Barbara a hypocrite.

Did you ever see Kathy Griffin's stand-up show "Allegedly"? She jokes about her experience on The View and how Barbara Walters treated her (like shit). So I tend to side with Star on this one. I don't see what she did wrong.

However, I did find this statement hilarious:

"I thought the audience deserved to have their Star tell them what the deal is."

Their Star?!!! Okay, that's just crazy. I have never watched the view and thought of Star Jones Reynolds as "my star."

But I still think Barbara is in the wrong here and is showing her true, arrogant colors.

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