Jun 1, 2006

Is Anna Nicole Smith Pregnant? Who's Nick Lachey's New Lady? More Mischa Barton Nudity

Is Anna Nicole Smith pregnant? She finally reveals the answer....yes. (And what is up with her hair and face in that photo?!!)

Despite rumors of a relationship with singer Natasha Bedingfield, it looks like Nick Lachey is getting close with stylist Kim Kardashian.

"They're sweet on each other," a source close to the couple tells PEOPLE. "It's the beginning stages of a relationship."

Okay, first Mischa Barton is caught sitting with her legs up while dining outside, giving the public a viewing of her panties. (Didn't anyone ever teach her how to sit?)

Now, comes this picture:

Geez, Mischa. Why don't you just run around nude from now on?!


Undercover Angel said...

My thoughts:

Having Anna Nicole for a mother would be almost as bad as having Britney Spears for a mother...sorry Brit...couldn't help myself.

Nick Lache is a dweeb.

You are right, Mischa might as well have been running nude!

ablondeblogger said...

~Angel, I do feel sorry for those kids! But I like Nick. I think he got shafted by Jess. And when he dated Kristin Cavalerri (sp?) I was thinking to myself, "Oh my gosh....she might even be WORSE than Jessica Simpson," no brains, and more cocky attitude.

I think his latest lady seems like she might actually be halfway decent.