Jun 14, 2006

Tuesday Night Book Club

So who watched last night's premiere episode of Tuesday Night Book Club? And who else is in love with the show like I am?

Oh my gosh, the show is Heaven. I don't care if some are criticizing it for being a copy of "Desperate Housewives."

I LOVE Desperate Housewives and to be able to peek into the lives of real Desperate Housewives is fascinating (believe it or not, I once thought of becoming a psychologist, just because I love to study and analyze human behavior....this show is perfect for that!)

My favorite person, and the one I relate to most, is Cris (though my husband doesn't have an addiction problem, of course). I love her devotion to her husband and children, her sunny personality, and her love of animals.

Kirin is my second favorite person. My heart breaks for her and her attempts to be attractive for her husband. I hope she realizes that the problem is HIM, not her, and that her self-esteem will no longer suffer from him constantly rebuffing her attempts to get close to him.

I like Tina's confidence, and I am fascinated to find out what is up with Jenn's relationship with her husband (I heard the word "swingers" in the previews of upcoming episodes).

Lynn is a whiny, bitchy newlywed and I feel sorry for her poor husband. If she keeps yapping at him like an angry little chiuaua, I don't see that marriage lasting very long.

Jamie is a spoiled, self-centered person who seems to only be concerned with sewing her wild oats, rather than honoring the commitment she made with her poor husband. Get over yourself already, Jamie.

The one thing I didn't like about Tina was her helping Jamie in her selfish pursuits. Rather than offering to "help her to leave," she ought to have given Jamie a wake-up call and tell her to redirect her restlessness into less destructive activities (something other than affairs or walking out on her husband).

Same goes for Sara, who also encouraged Jamie's unfaithfulness in a bar.

I did read that TNBC got the lowest ratings last night. I will be totally ticked if it gets pulled off the air. I am dying to see how the lives of these women play out!

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