Jun 28, 2006

True or False

FlipFlopMomma tagged me on this, so here goes!

True or False:

I am a cuddler: True. What woman isn't?

I am a morning person: Oh my gosh, so VERY false!

I am a perfectionist: False.

I am an only child: False. I have one older half-brother by my father that was given up for adoption. I met him for the first time years ago. I have a half-sister and half-brother by my mother that are 15 and 16 and I consider them full-blooded siblings and love them to death! (I sound like I could be on Jerry Springer, don't I?)

I am currently in my pajamas: False. I got lucky on this one because a lot of days I still am!

I am addicted to my blog: Hmmm....maybe. Can you take a break if you're addicted? Then again, I am posting, just not responding to comments or visiting blogs (well, except today I tried to get some visits in)...okay, maybe I'm not taking a real break so I guess the answer to this would be "true!"

I am shy around people at first: True, but you wouldn't know it because I hide it well.

I bite my nails: False.

I can be paranoid at times: True

I currently regret something I've said: Wow. I can't believe I can say false to this!! False! Normally, it would be true because I'm always saying stupid stuff.

When I get mad I curse frequently: Very true!

I Like someone: Like? Define like. If it's the normal definition, who in the world would ever answer false to that?

I enjoy country music: Sometimes, but not often.

I enjoy jazz music: False

I enjoy smoothies: True! I was just about to make one now!

I enjoy talking on the phone: False, false, false! I hate the phone!

I have a lot to learn: False. No, I'm totally kidding. Who doesn't?

I have a pet: False. I have two pets. A bunny and a doggie.

I have a secret I'm ashamed to reveal: True. Not elaborating on that one any further!

I have all my grandparents: False. But I still have the one that means the most to me...my maternal grandma. I don't know what I'd do without her.

I have been called smart: True, of course. :)

I get higher than c's in school: Well, I'm not in school anymore, but when I was, I got higher than c's when I "applied myself" which wasn't often. I was more interested in the social scene than in academics, unfortunately.

I have broken a bone: False.

I have caller ID on my phone: True.

I have bathed/showered with someone: True.

I have changed a diaper: True, only about eighty million times!

I have changed over the past year: True.

I have done something illegal: True.

I have friends who have never seen my natural hair color: True.

I have had surgery: Ha! True, only about eighty million times!

I have killed another person: True. (LOL!! Just wanted to see if you were paying attention! Of course it's false!)

I have had my haircut in the last week: False.

I have kissed someone I knew I shouldn't: True...okay, repeat after me...only about eighty million times!!

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