Jun 20, 2006

My Scariest Road Rage Experience

I just posted this in my comments section, but wanted to make it into it's own post. McKay was saying how men so often intimidate women on the road, and I totally agree. Every time something bad has happened to me on the road, it's been by a man.

Just yesterday, this car started coming into my lane and I had to swerve on the shoulder and lay on my horn. The car swerved back, and I got back into my lane and made eye contact with the driver.

It was a woman and she was so nice and so sweet about it. She kept saying, "Sorry!" and making hand gestures like she was so embarrassed and sorry about it. I bet if she had a penis she would've shaken her head at me, lol.

Anyway, here's my scariest road rage experience:

My scariest experience was when I was driving home with Amanda in her car seat when she was a baby.

I was in the left lane, and the right lane ended at a certain point. I was right at the point that it ends, and this car came flying up out of nowhere in the right lane and started trying to move into my lane with me in it.

I lay on my horn, and he kept coming. I moved to the left, out of his way, but that was into oncoming traffic, so I had to move back into the lane and hit his car.

It scared me so bad, and I drove home so shaken up. Then, I realized, the whacko was following me home.

He followed me to the apartment complex we lived in, and of course, on that day, my husband was late from work and I didn't see his car in the parking lot. So I kept going.

At that point, I was about ready to throw up all over my self. Seriously. He was still following me.

My windows were down, and as I drove to the nearest police station, I got a red light. I started rolling up my windows and I saw him walking to my car.

He started yelling at me, telling me he wanted my license and insurance information. I signaled for him to follow me.

I got to the police station and there was an officer outside washing his car. I ran out of my car and just burst into tears and told him this man had been terrorizing me.

And get this, the guy didn't even lie. He ADMITTED what he did and acted like he was in the right!!!!! The officer asked me if I wanted to get HIS license and information and file a complaint.

I was so scared of the man that I said no and that I wanted him to just leave me alone. I called my husband from the station and he came and met me there.

My biological dad, being the deviant that he is, was able to find out all of this guy's information based on his license plate for me. So we at least knew where he lived and how to find him if he bothered me again. Which he didn't, fortunately. I saw him a few times on the road after that, since I drove right by where he lived every day and I would get scared to death every time I saw him. It was terrifying!

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