Mar 31, 2008

This and That

~Sophie now thinks her name is "Awww!" We say it so many times around her (because she's always doing something cute) that she now responds to "Awww" more than she does to "Sophie."

~Once again, despite the fact that I live 10-15 minutes from a huge, international airport (Dulles), I have to drive Amanda all the way to BWI instead in order for her to fly to my mom's for a visit. My mom lives in Virginia Beach so it's only a 20 minute flight. If we want her to fly out of Dulles, the cost will be in the $400's. Versus $100 something from BWI. Which really sucks because it is going to be a loooooong drive.

~My Tivo has failed to record the last FOUR...count 'em....FOUR episodes of Big Brother. How do I live after something like that? And I'm on dial-up, so I can't go to CBS to see the shows. The first time, it aired at around 1 in the morning because of basketball (bleh). But it actually aired at like 1:55 so I only got five minutes of it.

Then, it didn't record three shows and I thought it was because it wasn't on. I thought that they were taking a break while basketball was on. Only my husband informed me that there were no games the days that it aired. Crap.

So I made sure it was taping this Sunday. I saw the little red record light on my Playlist along with the name "Big Brother" and thought all was well. Until I went to watch it. And the first 30 minutes was "60 minutes"(ha!). So I settled in to watch the first half of the show for the last thirty minutes of the taping (are you following me?).

But, about five minutes into that, despite the fact there was no rain or wind or any other possible cause, our satellite went crazy and it was all garbled and broken up. I couldn't hear or see anything at all for the entire thirty minutes.

I will go insane if it does not record it tommorrow. And to have missed four episodes of my favorite show? Totally sucks!!!!

~That is the cutest baby ever, little Miss Emma, whose mommy is my best friend from middle school, Shannon. Shannon is the first "real life" friend I've told about this blog (just recently).

~Almost every reality show this season has my kids' names on them: Matthew, Natalie and Amanda. Big Brother has all three, Surivor has Amanda and Natalie, and The Bachelor is Matt with two Amandas vying for his affection. Weird!


Not a Granny said...

BB is running around 9pm Eastern on Sundays here (it's supposed to be on at 8 but with golf, basketball, etc). Which is great for me, because then I can go ahead and watch Extreme Home Makeover and then Big Brother.

ablondeblogger said...

~Granny- Hmmm....maybe that's why it didn't record for me. Hopefully those stupid sports will stop interfering with my BB...ugh!