Mar 5, 2008

Blonde's Favorite Things

Before I go into this post, can you believe the news about Patrick Swayze? So sad.

Note: How big are the photos in this post? Geez! And I am NOT going through the trouble of loading them all again on Blogger so just bear with me.

I figured I'd pull an Oprah and have a favorite things "show" here. (This is NOT a paid or sponsored post, btw). If only I could REALLY be like Oprah and give you all of my favorite things. THAT would be fun.

Okay, ready? Favorite things #1:

The best smelling perfumes, evah!

From the Victoria's Secret Dream Angels collection, Heavenly is by far the best. And look:

It sparkles and glitters! What more could a girly-girl ask for? Then there's this:

Japanese Cherry Blossom from Bath and Body Works. It's smells soooo delish! I even bought a set of Wallflower plug-ins in this scent.

Okay, now for a drink that I found that I can't get enough of:

IZZE sparkling sparkling blackberry. It's all natural fruit juices mixed with sparkling water, and I could live on this stuff 24/7 it's so good.

Now for my favorite photo and my favorite LOL Dog:

How cute is that? And one of the comments on the post was even cuter. It was, "Doan come no closer. I kute you to def!" Awwww!

Now, I haven't even gotten this one yet, but this will soon become one my favorite things:

That, mah friends, is one fine lookin' Ipod Shuffle. And it will soon be mine, thanks to Avitable. I won this puppy on his blog just yesterday. Yay me!!! I can't wait to exercise to all my sexay music. Thanks, Avi! I will worship you forever and I will think about you every time I'm sweating on my treadmill. :)
Now a couple of plugs for a couple of my favorite friends. First, my friend Heather McElhatton, author of one of my favorite books ever, Pretty Little Mistakes:

Her book is up for an award over at The Minnesota Book Awards. So go and give her your vote. She totally deserves it!

And my friend Flip, from The Flip Flop Mamma, has a wonderful Etsy store with wonderful goodies. My favorite being:

her homemade chai tea. Mmmmm! It looks so yummy!

She's having a giveaway to promote her store, so head on over and enter.

Oh, and have you checked out my store yet? *grin*


Avitable said...

Good job on the contest - you had more chances than about half of the people because of the number of right answers!

And I know you'll think of me every time you use it, since my name will be engraved on it! Heh.

Tug said...

LOVE this idea for a post! Bath & Body is one of my favorite places...and bassett hounds, too. CUTE.

ablondeblogger said...

~Avi- Thanks! And I was LMAO when I saw that it was going ot be engraved with your name!! ROFL!! Yeah, that ought to help make me think of you!

~Tug- Oh my gosh, I could go crazy in that store! Have you smelled the new Moonlight line? Sooooo good!

Kat @ The Burb Blog said...

I have a pink shuffle and I love it. It took me while to get used to and it's not anywhere near useful for books on tape but it's so tiny and perfect! My car has an ipod adapter and it's a wonderful addition to my car.

I too love the Japanse Blossom scent from B&BW. Did you see the Japanese Blossom hair and body shimmer, sparkle spray at Christmas time?

Anything sparkly and shimmery is wonderful. I'm a pretty big fan of Victoria Secret Pink and they make a lotion with tons of shimmer for that scent too.

Lately though, I've been wearing Britney Spears new perfume. It's amazing and EVERYONE says it smells great on me. With the Pink, I knew it smelled great but never did so many people make comments. I think the BS (ha ha! Britney Spears) one and I have better chemistry).

BTW, I so am stealing this favorite things post eventually!

Tug said...

I haven't been there since Christmas - I stocked UP. ;-) Maybe @ Easter we'll check it out.

ablondeblogger said...

~Kat- I was wondering if I could use an adaptor for my van. That is going to be so cool! (Wait...does it come with the car or is it something I can buy?) I missed the hair and body shimmer. I would've LOVED that! And I haven't tried Britt's perfume. I'll have to get ahold of that now. And hey, have at the post! It's so much fun to do!

~Tug- LOL! I do the same thing. Our mall is far enough away that I try to get everything at once so I have less trips to make there. I just got a coupon for a free pair of panties at VS, though, so I'll be heading out there again soon. Can't resist free panties, lol!

Table for Five said...

Victoria's Secret "Heavenly" is my perfume too! And now my daughter wants me to spritz it on her when we are getting dressed in the morning, so then she smells great all day! :)