Mar 24, 2008

I'm Now Officially a Bunny Murderer

We made it to my MIL's for dinner this evening and we had a wonderful time. We watched a home video of the kids when they were little and "Mark" was on them. It was bittersweet. It was so good to hear his voice, but so hard at the same time.

So on the drive home, I was already feeling a little down. Suddenly, a sweet, little bunny jumped out in front of my van. I tried to swerve one way just at the same time the bunny tried to dodge my van. Meaning we both went the same way.

And. I. Killed. The. Bunny. I ran right over him and you could hear him hit the bottom of my van.

On. Easter.

Who kills a friggin bunny rabbit on Easter?!!!!! I feel like I killed the Easter bunny.

I've never hit an animal on the road before. I've always been able to swerve and avoid them. But not this time. Of all times.

I sobbed hysterically all the way home while my husband tried to convince me that "maybe he survived it somehow" which only gave me visions of him wounded and suffering in the woods somewhere.

I wanted to go back and find him and hug him and tell him I'm sorry and bury him. But my family wouldn't let me, which is probably a good thing, because only a crazy person would do that. But I felt SO awful. And I can't stop thinking about the poor, little guy. :(


Pamela said...

you probably smashed all the eggs in his little basket, too.

ok...teasing over.

I'm sorry you hit a bunny on Easter. I'm going to be careful where I am on Halloween after hearing this, though. (:

whall said...

and here I thought I was going to read a sweet story about how you bit the head off of a chocolate bunny.

Dazd said...

So rabbit stew isn't on the menu this week?

Yep..been there done that a few times myself. I hate when that happens.

ablondeblogger said...

~Pamela- ROFL! Or on Christmas. There'd better not be any heavy-set men with a white beard crossing the road when I'm out that day, lol.

~Whall- LOL! Did you really?

~Dazd- Don't say that!!! Shame on you! No rabbit stew EVER (says the woman who ate a leg of lamb at Easter dinner, lol)

Season said...

I cannot believe you killed the Easter Bunny... lol!

ablondeblogger said...

I know! Only me!

Anonymous said...

I searched on "hit a bunny" on the internet this morning because I hit one last night. Like you, this was the first time this has happened to me, and I'm heartsick. I'm the one who always goes out of my way to avoid them in the road, who's always careful because I know they're out frolicking at night. I know how you feel - you want to somehow go back and apologize! It's too bad, but I guess sometimes it just happens. If it's any consolation, I'm sure they didn't suffer, as it happens so fast. Take care.