Feb 17, 2008

Score One for Mom!

Note: This was orignially written a couple of weeks ago...before I got sick, and has been sitting in draft mode until now.

Having to be out and about next to a gorgeous daughter does not do much for the old self-confidence. Except for the other night when Amanda and I went to our regular haunt for dinner.

A lady who worked there walked by our table looking at us and we got nervous thinking maybe they were closing and we should be leaving (it was after closing, but there were a few other groups there).

Finally, she looks at me and says (as if we're in high school), "He thinks you're cute." And she points to the guy behind the counter.

Amanda and I are all like WTF? And the whole crew is now staring at our table and laughing at the guy, who is clearly embarrassed.

So I do what any other self-respecting woman would do. I shouted in front of everyone to the lady, who had walked back behind the counter, "Who? Me or her? I have to know!"

And she pointed at me and said, "You!" As everyone that was left in the restaurant watched and laughed. But I had to know! And it was MEEEEEE!

Boo-ya! Uh huh, uh huh, uh huh! I had a smile on my face for the whole rest of the night!

Speaking of hot moms, check out this free magnet I just found while looking for an image for this post. If you're a hot mom, go get one before they run out! (And if you're brave enough, submit a video of yourself for the hottest mom contest too. I'd do it if I knew how).


Oracle said...

You are a hot mom,

I know thats a bit random and forward but its true =]

ablondeblogger said...

Aww, thanks! Keep being forward and random all you want, lol!

Pamela said...

Once when my eldest was about 14 I took her and her friend shopping and then out for lunch. I told them not to call me mom. Her friend was a real stinker -- and said really loud "GRANDMA... can I have blah blah blah"

But, some guy bought our lunch and we never even knew who it was. Those were the days. (: