Jul 28, 2007

Name Your Tune Winners!

Oh my goshness! Can you believe how many comments are down there on the Name Your Tune Giveaway? Thank you to Shannon from rocks in my dryer for hosting such a fun event! It was like Christmas in July..weee!

I LOVE her idea and I think rumor has it that she may do this again in the fall. She's VERY brave because I know this was very hard work for her. It was hard for me just to manage my own little corner of this whole party! There were over 100 entries into the contest!

And that was nothing compared to some of the other contests that had 300 to 400 entries!

What? Oh, yeah! The winners. Like you all cared about anything else I had to say, lol. Okay...the winners for the Name Your Tune giveaway, for a personalized children's CD, are...

Congratulations winners! I will be emailing you to get your contact information. Enjoy the CDs and let us know how you like them!

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