Jul 29, 2007

Bruce Littlefield Latest Gig on The Today Show

Thanks to all of my readers who shared your ideas with Bruce Littlefield for his gig on The Today Show.

Click on the You Tube video below to see Bruce talk about "things Americans hoard."
And, it would be GREAT if you could comment, rate and favorite the video to help Bruce out.

You can also read another great review of his book Garage Sale America, over at Gather.com where a comment and rating would also be greatly appreciated!

And don't forget that another "Treasure Hunt" contest is in the works and will be posted here soon, so if you didn't win last time, you'll have another chance again...yay!

Now watch Bruce shine once again on The Today Show:

One of my bestest blogging buddies, Cindy from Taste the World just became officially engaged!

Go see how her fiance proposed to her, but prepared to be jeaaalous! I love her and hate her all at the same time after seeing that, lol!


Chase said...


Yeah right, be jealous. Now he uses the "you're my FIANCE now...you have to do what I tell you to" line waaaay too much.


But honestly? Two days later and I'm still floating on a cloud. He put SO much thought into the proposal - I'm still shocked at it all.

We have TONS of chocolate and pastries left (NOT store bought, btw, he actually went to a baker AND a confectionery to buy the stuff!! And hand picked each item!!). So do you want to come over and help us eat it??


ablondeblogger said...

Oh my gosh, don't tempt me, Chase! I love chocolate enough to seriously consider buying a plane ticket, lol!

Seriously, though, I wish we lived closer to each other. How cool would that be?!

Mr. Chase would hate me though because I'd always be stealing you away from him. :)

Chase said...

No way! He probably thinks I need to get out more anyway....seeing as how I've started teaching myself how to EMBROIDER.




By the time we're married, I'll be wearing an apron, a hairnet and fuzzy slippers while I bake him a 15-layer Betty Crocker bundt cake.

Not that he'd complain about the cake or anything.

So yeah. Come on over. :)

(btw...my captcha for this post is jivjjjx. I think all the dots are making me dizzy...)

ablondeblogger said...

LOL!! Don't you hate it when you get the dot-captcha's?

I can teach you how to crochet, too! hahaha

I can see the four of us sipping lemonade on your porch when Rob and I come to visit when we're like 80.

You'll be embroidering and eating cheesecake and I'll be crocheting and drinking Starbucks (they'd better still have Starbucks when I'm 80!)

Then, a tornado warning will come on and we'll all be out on the front lawn staring at the sky, and then we'll all FINALLY see our first tornado, only we won't be able to run back into the house fast enough...because we're 80 and all, and that's how we'll all end up dying!

In a swirl of embroidery, crochet, cheesecake and Starbucks all around us and you and me laughing our asses off as we go flying! I'll be laughing extra hard because you'll do that really hilarious wide-open laugh that you do and I'll end up peeing myself in the tornado from laughing so hard.