Jul 1, 2006

My Artwork

First off, let me ask how this "not responding to comments" is working for you all. I am loving not having the pressure to respond. It was taking up so much of my time. Now, I'm planning on just devoting time to posting, reading comments, and then blog surfing when I can.

BUT, part of me feels really weird reading all of the funny, kind, and thoughtful things you all have written and not writing something back. Do I come off as snobbish to you all by not responding? Let me know. Thanks!

(Also, to answer some of your questions, Natalie had no idea the prize said "Cockchafer" and even if she did, she's only 5 and it would go right over her head, thank God. It's a cheap styrofoam glider that you piece together to make the "cockchafer.")

On another note, here are the paintings I did for Natalie's room (the photos are a little blurry...I SO need a good digital camera).

I just took regular art canvas from Wal-Mart, some pretty ribbon and voila! I'll post more photos of the whole room so you can get more of a feel for the look of it, but for now, these are the close-ups of the paintings, plus her light switchplate that I painted.

I'm taking orders if anyone wants one personalized for their kids. :) (I'm only half-kidding on that!)

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