Jul 23, 2006

I Broke Rule #1

Okay, it wasn't really a rule, per say. But, it was something I said I'd never say. And, well, I didn't really SAY it, I did it, so maybe I didn't really break anything.

Anyway.....Remember my list of 10 things I'd never say? Well, last week, I had to do the dreaded "go out in public without my make-up on."

But, it's even worse than that. Let me explain....

Rob was home waiting for the car place to let us know they were done working on the van so we could go get it together. I wanted to work out. He said he had to leave as soon as they called so he could get right back to work.

I took my chances and did a full-on step aerobic workout (it was Carribean Workout on FitTV...I LOVE that channel!)

As soon as it ended, and I mean the second it ended, he yells, "Let's go...it's ready!"(They'd called him on his cell and I didn't hear it)

So, I go out in my workout shorts and sweaty tank-top. So everything from the neck down probably looked good. BUT, my face was beet red. And my hair was pulled up with a hair clip thingie holding it up. I don't even look remotely good with my hair pulled up. I look hideous.

Picture Pamela Anderson's body (I know I'm flattering myself...but work with me here), with Kathy Griffin's face, only without make-up, with sweat pouring down, and her face the color of a sunburn (see...I can balance my egotistical side with a little self-deprication! But do know that I don't look THAT bad in reality, lol!)

Now here's the thing. Men must have a magical ability to separate the two body parts. Because when I was getting into the van, I got a bunch of cat-calls from the mechanics. I'm thinking "You've got to seriously be on something!" but then I realized they probably weren't looking at my face at all.

Which makes me wonder about all the cat-calls I've ever received in my life. Does it really mean I'm pretty? Or were they always mentally putting a bag over my head?

For my ego's sake, I'll let myself think it's the former.
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