Apr 30, 2009

Twitter Scam Update

Update #6 (9/22/09): Newest accounts have been Janet_Jackson_, then was changed to Team_Jackson when that one was exposed, and now she's at Team__Jackson (she added an extra underscore.) Keep an eye on the master list below as this account is sure to change again soon. Any changes will be updated there.

Update #5 (8/25/09): Rachel has now been tweeting under RIP_M_J. Capitalizing on "tragedy" or big news story has been an MO of hers for awhile, and in her previous account, she had mocked Michael Jackson.

She's been going full-force with this one, pretending to be at Playboy Mansion parties, in the Angels' dugout, Disneyland, etc. All by stealing others online pictures as before.

I've been monitoring it for awhile and was not going to say anything. I figure "twitterer beware" and others would have to figure it out for themselves. But I've kept a record of the stolen pics just in case.

She has started trying to drag the names of good people through the mud again and I've send her vague warnings without outing her (and I know she got them). Tonight it happened again and it was the last straw for me so I've now outed her on Twitter again.

I'll write a new blog post about this new account if I have to but hopefully the tweets will suffice.

Update #4 (6/29/09): The original Twitter account used by Rachel is now being used by someone else who has nothing to do with this scandal whatsoever.

Update #3 (5/5/09): In case you had any doubt, I wanted to let you know that the real Milo Ventimiglia's Twitter account (@dividepictures) has been confirmed by Valebrity here. Milo also mentions his Twitter account at the end of this video. Any other account claiming to be Milo is fraudulent and will be dealt with.

Dino is a very close friend of Milo's (you can see Milo's tweets to him), and has stated publicly that Rachel has been asking for donations for a fake cancer charity using Milo's name (this, more than anything, has driven me to continue these updates, especially after losing several loved ones to this disease...I am beyond disgusted by this).

I was sent these MySpace links and thought I should post them in case any of you use that network. Be careful on there as well and spread the word among your MySpace friends:


There's another "Erin" profile involved but I don't want to out that account until I know more.

I was sent this Google cached version of a Twitpic where you can see Rachel claiming to be in remission from cancer on one of her fake Jensen Ackles accounts (and talking to herself with her other identities....there are also a few of her victims commenting there so please don't lump them all together).

I have updated the Twitter links below with the latest scam accounts.


Update #2: Rachel is on the move. New accounts include (these are being constantly changed...I will update the links each time they do, so check back again if the current links don't work. yes i am determined, lol. she should not be able to get away with doing this): @its_rayray AND thebeachbabe dontfukwithme. (all Rachel...well most of them are her, but these are the ones she's claimed as herself). Also @1cutiepatootie ("Erin"). I have been sent more information that I'm looking into. "Erin" may be a second person involved. Will update with links when I know more.


I wanted to post an update for those of you who are wondering where everything stands with the "twitterjacking" scandal (got that term from this story which I think does a good job of explaining the seriousness of this problem). Be sure to read the original post if you haven't already done so.

First of all, I want to extend my thanks to all of you for the amazing comments and support. While there are a handful of people who are actually defending these fake accounts (who knows how many could be Rachel herself, though), most people have been so wonderful and have helped expose this scam artist as well. Good people are awesome. :)

Also, for those of you who expressed that you feel "stupid" for being taken in by this person....please don't feel that way. Wanting to believe in someone, trusting, and trying to see the good in people...those are all good traits. And ones which this person capitalizes on. It's not you....it's her.

Most of the pics linked in the original post have been removed (the fake ones at least). Dino and the real Milo Ventimiglia have been aware of "Rachel London" for awhile now and are working directly with Twitter on this.

I now know it is one MAIN person (Rachel) behind all of this and that there are up to 10 fake profiles of celebrities and fake friends or family she has created. She is from Tustin, CA and has been doing this for more than three years....first on MySpace and Facebook, now Twitter.

And for the few people who don't understand why this is serious, click here. Not only are reputations of good people at stake, but many people are being conned and have given donations to someone they believe has cancer. Legal action is being taken against this woman now.

Twitter has removed the fake Milo account, but the Twitpics remain. "Rachel" has now set up a new fake Milo account here (update: Twitter has suspended this account).

The fake Jensen account came down (don't know if that was through Twitter or "Rachel"), but a new one has been set up here. Twitpics for the previous fake account are still up as well.

Here is a full list of the fake profiles I am aware of (links updated as they continue to change):

~Original Rachel (now inactive)
~Rachel #3
~Rachel#4 (now inactive)
~Rachel #5
~Rachel #6 (an account she started as the "president" of ballplayer baron davis' beard...I know, right?).
~Rachel #7
~Rachel #8
~Rachel #9 (@RIP_M_J)
~Rachel #10 (@Team_Jackson)
~Rachel #11 (@Team__Jackson) LATEST RACHEL ACCOUNT
~Fake Milo Ventimiglia (now suspended by Twitter)
~Fake Jensen Ackles


whall said...

Glad you're getting through it. This kind of stuff is so ... so... crappy.

Writer2day said...

Wow thanks for sharing, seems she is not getting the extent of the damage she is doing. Don't they have a way to block her IP address or something? Seems a shame she can just keep doing it.

sally_sweet said...

I am the first to admit I was duped by these idiots, and for that I sincerely apologize for any stupidity and ignorance I exemplified. You did one hell of a job outing these fakes and for that I thank you... why the heck would Jensen Ackles message me anyhow!?!?! LMAO!!

You are a very kind nice person and I am very sorry for what everyone, especially Rachel, have put you through.

I hope you will accept my apology. That is not the kind of person I am and regret associating myself with them.

Missy said...

stuff like this does not surprise me at all. I have long suspected any "celeb" account on any social media outlet. I am sorry that it has hit so close to home for you.

With the exception of J. Ackles, I don't know who any of those people are. And by looking at their twitter accounts, updates blocked of course, not many people are buying into the crap that they are spreading.

Chin up girl. Your doing the right thing. I am going to tweet about this post. Hope that helps a little.

sybil law said...

I can't get over what a loser bitch that girl is....

Letera said...

I dont twetter so I am not sure about all this but it sounds aweful. I hope you are doing good. I am on Facebook and love it. It would be cool to see you on there. I am glad you are hanging in there. I just dont understand why people have to do this kind of stuff to make themselves look good. Just crazy.

Letera said...

Hey I tried to leave you a message on your anniversary blog but it wouldnt go thru so I am going to try here. Happy Anniversary and many more. I am very happy for you and rob and hope you continue to be happy and last a life time. You give me hope even though my marriage didnt last but it gives me hope with my present love. Hang in there on this other. Some people are just assholes.

Pamela said...

Its like a whole separate world out there where people live in fantasies.

(ps. I haven't gotten involved in twitter. It seems like it could really take up a lot of ones personal time.)

DixieThorn said...

I can only hang my head in shame that I fell for it.

I needed to at least acknowledge to you that I see the truth of it all and thank you for such a great job in outing them. Keep up the great work.

Most sincerely,

Poppy said...

I can't even follow what the hell is going on here, it's too tiring.

Never ignore your intuition!

Sarah Schmitt said...

Is there a way that Twitter can block this girl "Rachel's" ip address so she can't just keep creating account after account?

Anonymous said...


I can't believe someone has done this. All I can say is she has too much time on her hands.

Wish i'd seen your blog earlier!

Couldn't believe all the pictures were practically stolen!

Sorry for all the trouble she caused you.


Anonymous said...

Yeah I got fooled too. But you're right she should be like banned from any social network.

Pamela said...

you should change your title..
A blond walked into a detective agency (: