Apr 5, 2009


This is one night I'm thankful I have (major) insomnia. Haven't been able to sleep and was watching t.v. online. I decided to pop on over to Britney Spear's site before logging off and LOOK WHAT I FOUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *deep breaths*

As I'm writing this, it's the top post. I mean it was so surreal to pull up her site and see ME at the top!!! Was NOT expecting that, lol!

And now there's no way I'm getting any sleep tonight, hahaha...but I am not complaining!! So psyched!! OMGosh!!!!


Poppy said...

I have very good taste in Britney. hehehehe

SO GLAD you bought it and that it got you some awesome recognition!!!!

Chase said...

LOL! That's so awesome!!

sybil law said...

That is seriously cool! :)

John said...

OMG! How cool is THAT, right?!! I'm so glad the whole experience was so great for you. : ))

Dapoppins said...

That mother daughter duo sure look hot!!!! How exciting! May this bring you all the blessings you deserve, and not any evil stalkers. Well, not counting me. Cause I am only evil on Mondays and the 5th Sunday of certain months.

Oh, to do this with my girl...but lets see, I will be 50--something then. Don't think I will be lookin half as good.

BlondeBlogger said...

~Poppy- Yes you do!! And I love that you love her music too! Still listening to her Circus cd on the subway? :)

~Chase- Hahaha...thanks!!

~Sybil- Thanks....still can't believe it!!

~John- Thank you! Yes, the whole thing has been so amazing....all because of a really cool costume! I ought to write to the company that makes it, lol.

~DP- LOL....thanks!! I only had one mean person on Twitter who told me to "calm down" so far, hahaha (and no way can I calm down, lol!)

And you would be looking hot...you both should totally go and dress up! Is Britney coming to your area?

Bruce said...


Season said...

Wow, that is just way too cool! Good for you! You look hot girl!

Angie Marion said...

pretty Cool! Congrats!

BlondeBlogger said...

~Bruce- Thanks!! *blush* Good luck with your gigs today and Saturday! *hug*

~Season- Aww, thx! How have you been doing? Been thinking about you but haven't made blog rounds in SO long. Hope to soon, and I hope you're feeling okay.

~Angie- Thanks! Just made the whole event that much more amazing!

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