Oct 24, 2008

When Puppies Misbehave

What do you get when you cross one green, unattended bath crayon with a mischievous white puppy? This:

Unfortunately, using the "You'll just have to stay that way now! You think about what you did when everyone sees you looking this way!" tactic doesn't work well on a dog.

Update: Amanda told me this would make a perfect LOL Dog so I went in and made one:

funny pictures
moar funny pictures


Thanks to my gorgeous and dear friend Jane for giving me the "I Love Your Blog" award!!! This is the second time I've been blessed with this award and I'm just as excited as I was the first time around. You can never have too much blog love, IMO.

Click here to see my post in which I passed this on before if you missed it.

Thank you, Jane. I totally <3 you!


Poppy said...


Silly puppy.

Best crayon color. :D

BlondeBlogger said...

~Poppy- She wears it well, doesn't she? hahahahaha

Jeauxdi said...

Looks like someone is gettin' ready for "Santa Paws" a lil early! ~*giggle*~ What a cutey!

Me said...

That's so cute! The colour suits her! Haha :)


Not a Granny said...

She was just trying out her Halloween costume!!

Too cute! How did the carpet survive?

sybil law said...


apricoco said...

I have two Bichons and I know all about this... How about one of mine at a red paintball???? freaking stuff turned her the cutest shade of PINK!

J. said...

That's just way too cute.

John said...


Um..what's a bath crayon? Anyway, I totally get the picture. And I <3 your blog too. : )

Mik said...

I'm with John, bath crayon? Definitely something I need to keep away from the grand kids, Max the rabbit and Bella our grand dog!

Christie said...

It's a good color for her ;-)

Anonymous said...

Aaaawww...man...I hope that washes out. Pascal walked through paint one day and then proceeded to walk all the way down the hallway before I caught him!

BlondeBlogger said...

~jeauxdi- Thanks! I should've thrown a red crayon to her and then took a photo for our Christmas card, lol.

~Trace- Hahaha...she reminded me of a leprachaun (sp?) puppy!

~Trish- I was thinking that...like how could I turn this into a Halloween costume? It's washable crayon so it came right out, fortunately.

~Sybil- She's lucky she's so cute with all the trouble she gets into!

~Apri- Noooooo!!! Hahahahaha!!! And it's great to see you again!

~J- Thanks! Great to see you here again, too. You're in my thoughts and prayers.

~John- And I yours! :) A bath crayon is, uh....a crayon you use in the bath, lol. The kids get to draw all over the walls with it and themselves and it washes right off. (and it can easily be adapted for adult use as well *grin*)

~Mik- With all of those grandchildren you don't know what a bath crayon is?! Get out!! Go buy them some right away....they've been missing out! It's fine as long as you confine it to the bathrub and keep it out of the dog's reach. Which I did try to do but someone left the door open to the bathroom and she snuck right in there.

~Christie- She wears it well, doesn't she, lol.

~Honey- Oh nooooo!!! Oh my gosh, paint?!!! Did you have to replace the carpet? Yes, thankfully ours washed out since it was a washable crayon. Counting my blessings for that now!

whall said...

Don't Vulcans have green blood? or maybe blue? Maybe the lol caption could be about how he just got done feeding...