Sep 18, 2008

You Love Me! You Really Love Me!

Note: I'm a "dj" (ha!) on now so I'm going to put a song on each of my posts for your enjoyment. You can play it, then read. Or not. You can also head on over to my profile and favorite me and listen to my tunes if you'd like. Enjoy!

Isn't that a pretty award? Kapgar gave it to me today. (thank you, K! *kiss*)

I am usually bad about reciprocating these (I think I owe Dutchy and B a LONG overdue thank you for awards they've given me in the past). But since I've been super busy and could use some blog post fodder, I jumped on in here tonight to post this one.

If you've known me for awhile, you know how nervous these things make me. Not the receiving. I'm good at that. It's the giving. Because I don't want anyone to feel left out. I love ALL of your blogs! I really do!

But I have to pick just seven and this in no way means I love those of you I don't pick any less. Honest. Oh and I'm leaving out those who've already been nominated (which is a TON of my friends...including Sybil and Whall who K stole from me *grin*)

So here goes....the rules:
  • The winner can put the logo on his/her blog.
  • Link the person you received your award from.
  • Nominate at least seven other blogs
  • Put links of those blogs on yours.
  • Leave a message on the blogs that you’ve nominated.

And now for the "seven":

~B from Dreaming in the Dark
~Poppy from Poppy Cedes
~~John- from Buddha on the Road
~Dutchy from The Dutch Files
~Pamela from The Dust Will Wait
~Season from Destination....Me!
~Tug from Just Tug
~Michelle from That Girl
~Letera from Life is a Constant Change

That's seven right? *batting eyelashes* I am blonde, sooo.... :)


Pamela said...

awww.. thank you very much!!
Wish I had more time for blogging.

And now some new blogs for me to visit. (Howevver I've read BerBluez on many occasion)

whall said...

Very deserving! I was going to pick you as one of my seven, but I thought it cheesy to point to someone the person who awarded me had pointed to already (Kapgar).

This Kapgar guy is getting cooler every day, no? :)

DutchBitch said...

Awwww thanks Hon!!! With my ready to combust-head, no voice and snotty sinusses, that was just what I needed to cheer me up!!!

Love You!

Poppy said...

YAY! Thank you, BB! And what great company!

Dawg loved on me a few days ago, I then of course neglected to pass it on, but if I had passed it on I tooootally would have had you in my seven. :) :) :)

kapgar said...

You're welcome!

Thanks whall!

Letera said...

Thank you so much for the award. I try!

Tug said...

Well deserved (to you!) and thank you so very much (from me)... ;-)

Season said...

Oh, my first blog award! Thank you so much! I am so excited I could pee my pants! Not really, but I am pretty darn excited. As soon as we get back from the fair today I am going to post about this. Love ya', love ya', love ya'!

sybil law said...

You're so awesome - I do love you!
You really deserved this award! My problem is, by the time I get around to posting about mine, everyone will already have it! Bah.
Kapgar is freaking awesome, too.
Jajajajajaj :)

bermudabluez said...

Well, thank you SO MUCH Dawn!!! I sure appreciate your nice award! I have to locate all of my awards as I lost them when I switched computers and blogs!! Hope you are feeling better and that Sophie is doing all right. And Amanda is loving school...Thanks again, Dawn!!

John said...

Awww, thanks hon! How very sweet of you. : ))) - I went to a blogger meetup in Nashville and just got home so please forgive me for being late to the party. More on THIS and THAT tomorrow, but I'm dead flat...dead. Haven't slept in about 4 days.

THANK YOU and I'll BE BOK! : ))

John said...

I wonder if there's even 7 left for me to nominate who haven't already won? ; )

Neurotic Mom said...

hey chickie love the new blog, i know i haven't been around for awhile.

I posted a contest come check it out

ablondeblogger said...

~Pamela- I SO know what you mean!

~Whall- That's what the "K" in Kapgar stands for..."Kool." You knew that, right? :) And you could've picked me anyway. I wouldn't have complained! *grin*

~Dutchy- Awww, you poor thing! I'm glad I could help some and I hope you feel better soon! ((((HUGS))))

~Poppy- Aww, thanks! I would've been honored! You've been such a great friend to me. :)

~KOOLapgar- :)

~Letera- You're very welcome!

~Tug- Thank you and you're welcome, lol!

~Season- Awww, love you too, girlie! I'm so glad you like the totally deserve it!

~Sybil- You're awesomer and I love you too! I'm usually bad about posting these too....I don't know how I got this one in on time.

~BB- You're welcome! I'm hanging in there. I'm waiting for my body to catch up to the fact that it needs to step up its game right now.

I was hoping Sophie's eyes would clear up but no such luck so this week I have to fit in a vet appointment too.

Amanda's loving school and just got pinned by a sorority! Now it's six weeks of pledge activity, but at least she didn't have to rush...they actually sought her ought. Lucky girl!

~John- I hope you had a blast! Sounds like you did. Can't wait to hear about it!

And yeah, I bet everyone is already taken, so you can just choose me back, lol.

~NM- Hey, you! Awesome giveaway you have going on! Wish I had the time to come up with something creative. Good luck with it!