Jun 5, 2008

AP Coverage of My Video

The AP is covering my video now!! I'm not the star of the story but still. :)

This particular news story is spreading all over the Internet (AOL and such) since it's AP. And in all the places I'm finding it on the net, it features my footage as the main still picture. Here's the video:

Mine is the "amateur video" they're referring to just after they show my footage. The footage following mine is just a storm front taken from ABC 7's helicopter.

The video is getting passed all around my neighborhood and I'm getting tons of emails. Are you sick of me talking about it all yet? LOL


Letera said...

Glad you are all okay. Scary Scary

John said...

You're still the star. : )

ablondeblogger said...

~letera- Thanks! I've been hearing from more people who saw it...three more people today. It seems like it traveled down Rt.15 here without ever touching down, thank God.

~John- Awww, thanks! *blush*