Jun 21, 2008

We Miss You Puppy Monster

It's days like this that make all of the blog drama seem so senseless. Today is the one year anniversary of the loss of a very special little boy, NYC Watchdog's son.

Please head over and show him your love and support. Today, I will be counting my blessings and remembering a smile that was etched on my heart forever one year ago today.

(Thank you to Adam for the beautiful graphic).


Pamela said...

yes... that graphic about made me weep.

I didn't comment -- but I remember when you linked to him last year. The pain of losing a child is so beyond comprehension.

New York City's Watchdog said...

Thank you for remembering this...

ablondeblogger said...

~Pamela- The graphic is so touching, isn't it? And yes....it's something I couldn't ever imagine being able to handle like he has.

~Dawg- Thank YOU for sharing your beautiful boy with all of us. You are always in my thoughts and prayers.