Jan 9, 2008

Be Kind to Your Privates

I keep saying I don't have time to post or comment, and then stuff keeps happening that makes me jump on really quick to do just that. :) This was too funny (to me at least) to not come on here and post really quick.

Conversation in my house about a half-hour ago:

Amanda: "Do you know that they have toilet paper with the Constitution on it?"

(note: I just realized the pun in that! Maybe that would explain why they made it.)

Me: "No way! Why would anyone do that?!"

Amanda: "I guess for anarchists and stuff. I want to get Bill Clinton toilet paper."

Me: "I wouldn't want his face anywhere near my privates."

Amanda: "That's true. What about Hillary?"

Me: "No, I still wouldn't like that idea. There's just something about having anything I don't like being in that area. Like it would be disrespectful to my privates."

Amanda: "You so have to blog that."

Me: "I know."

By the way, Amanda has her own blog now! Yay! Go show her some love by clicking here. And she's looking for advice on how to pull up her content so it's at the top and not at the bottom below her sidebar. Thanks! Congrats, Amanda!


bermudabluez said...

OMG! You totally crack me up!! And yeah....I agree with the whole private thing...

ablondeblogger said...

LOL! Yeah, I don't want anything I don't like near there!

step right up said...

Love the conversation! Looks like your blogging is rubbing off on your daughter. :)

ablondeblogger said...

Hey Step! Did you move your blog? Because it wasn't showing up anymore in my blogfeed in bloglines. I tried going to it and it said it didn't exist anymore. So I took it out of my blogroll. Clicking on you now....okay, yep...that's different than what I had...adding it now. Sorry!