Dec 9, 2007

My "Snow"phie

This week, Sophie saw her first snow. This is the result of her first venture into it:

Just one paw out and then she jumped back in the house. (The other marks are from icicles dripping). Then...

Just a few minutes later she went crazy. Can you spot her in the snow? Look for the cute black nose.

It's so much fun watching her "first" everythings. She is my sweetiepup!

This is her favorite sleeping position:

On her back, front paws folded over, back legs spread eagle, lol.

And here's a close-up of my cutie pie:

She LOVES laying under the Christmas tree and it is the most adorable thing ever. I really need to get a picture of that.

Every night, she walks up to me in bed, runs right to my shoulder, lays flat on her belly, puts her chin on my shoulder, sighs, then falls asleep.

Okay, I'm done bragging. Now I'm going to go cuddle with my furbaby.


Daisy said...

Just adorable!!! :)

Pamela said...

hee hee... she looks like one of little tissue covers that people used to knit with those fluffy cut knots... but with a little face peaking out of the top instead of Kleenex!!

ablondeblogger said...

Thanks, Daisy and Pamela!

Pamela, I'm taking her for her first grooming appointment this Friday. She needs it badly. She's ALL fluff, lol!