Apr 29, 2007

My Little One...

We've all had a little virus going on around here. Matthew had it, I had it last night, and now Natalie seems to have it. I was very nauseated last night, my throat felt like someone shoved a meat grinder into it, and I had a low-grade fever. Today, I'm much better.

Natalie, however, is worrying me to death. As most of my friends know, she has ketoacidosis. (Natalie's ketoacidosis is a rare, non-diabetic form, but just as dangerous as diabetic ketoacidosis. The cause is different, but the symptoms are the same.)

Usually, I know by now what to do with her. When she becomes listless like she is right now, with dark circles under her eyes and is really out of it and sick to her stomach, we'll find high ketones in her urine.

But, she only has a very small fever and no ketones. She's on the verge of vomitting and that's always when we knew to head to the hospital before. But now, without any ketones showing up, I don't know what to do.

I have two other children and I know they can get really out of it when they're sick. But with Natalie, it's just different. It's hard to put into words.

I'm by her side right now keeping a close watch on her. If she starts to vomit, I guess I'll call her pediatrician on call and ask if I should take her to the hospital or not. I'm afraid maybe my ketone strips aren't working for some reason.

I'll update when I can, and, just so you all won't have to bother leaving more comments feeling sorry for me (I hate being a whiner and I don't want anyone to feel like they have to keep leaving me comments on posts like these. It must be really annoying to leave those constantly!), I'm turning comments off on this post.

I have a fun post up just below this one....so don't feel sorry for me and go ahead and have a laugh at that other post! :)