Apr 13, 2007

You Know There's a Ten-Year-Old Boy in the House When....

.....you look at the lovely Easter eggs he dyed:

but upon closer inspection:

(click on the image to enlarge if you can't read what's written on the eggs)

And, just in case you didn't catch it in my previous post, this is what I see when I'm in Sitemeter:

Visit Entry Page http://ablondeandher...gspot.com/index.html
Visit Exit Page http://ablondeandher...gspot.com/index.html

Look at that carefully. I didn't even notice it myself all of this time until just the other day. If you're not laughing, you haven't noticed what you're supposed to notice! :)

My site was nominated for Hottest Mommy Blogger!

Thank you to everyone who voted for me so far! I don't think I have any chance of winning, so my goal is to get on the first page. Right now, I'm on page three. So please, please, pretty, pretty please, take a moment to vote for me! Just click here.

You have to register first, but it only takes a second. I swear! And I'll owe you big time! Make sure you click on the confirmation link in the email you receive once you register. Then you can vote for me, and anyone else you may know who's up for nomination.


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