Feb 27, 2007

The Ghost Story, Part II

I asked Amanda to type up her version of the night I recently posted about. So here's the story from her perspective:

That same night my mom described the "wind creature" (lol) I had my own experience. My experience was fairly boring compared to the previous house I lived in (I seemed to get the brunt of that).

I was watching TV late at night like I usually do and I decided to head upstairs. I turned out all of the lights and as I was walking down the hallway, I just got this weird feeling something was behind me. This sounds stupid but I started running up the stairs and checking behind me.

I wanted to see if my mom was awake, so I peeked inside my parent's bedroom from the doorway, but I barely stepped in the room. I then left and went to my room. I closed my bedroom door and locked it as I do every night.

Now I have become pretty good at telling when someone (like my brother or sister) has walked by my door or is standing at my door. So I heard heavy footsteps going by my door and then they just stopped.

I figured it was mom or dad, so I opened my door and no one was there. The next day I actually forgot about it all till my mom told me what happened to her. Both of us compared our stories and pieced together what happened.

Dawn here again. Okay, we figured out that Amanda had this sense that someone was behind her shortly before I felt a presence myself. It's been awhile since it happened now, but from what I remember, I felt like someone was walking into my room and checking on me, and I assumed it was Amanda. But, whoever it was walked all the way into my room and I could see a shadow go across my bed. Since I was tired and wanted to fall asleep, I didn't open my eyes and figured Amanda would just go to sleep.

It wasn't until later when we talked that I found out she never went into my room. Then, whatever it was that I heard in my room left, and then she heard the footsteps outside of her door, but no one was there.

After all of this, I believe, is when I felt the "wind sensation" (that's the best way I can describe it) on my foot and then in my ear. Then of course, you know the rest of the story (when I went downstairs, the lightbulb, etc.).

Amanda continues with her thoughts on it all:

Some other things that have occurred here have me thinking it is POSSIBLE someone else is here. One day I was sitting at my computer desk which is next to my dresser. I watched out of the corner of my eye as my lamp on the desk began to just tilt over. It fell down hitting my mary, jesus, and joseph statue and beheaded mary. Mary's head went flying into my trash can. Needless to say I was definately freaked out.

The only other thing my mom and me have both experienced is two occasions with voices. My whole family was downstairs and I was upstairs and I swear I heard my dad call my name. I yelled back "what?" and my dad said he never called me. My mom came from the kitchen and said, "you didn't say anything?". Both she and I heard a male voice saying something and we were in two different locations. The second occasion was when we were both in our upstairs hallway pretty late at night and we heard a little girl. We both figured it was Natalie, but she was sound asleep and not talking.

I'm going to post tomorrow (hopefully) about a very weird premonition Amanda and I both had at the same time yesterday while driving home that may have very well saved our lives. It's really eerie how she and I pick up on these things at the same time.

Again, thanks for sharing all of your experiences with me. I wish I had time to respond to each of you individually, but just know that I still have chills thinking about all of the things that have happened to you all and I'm VERY glad my experiences haven't been as vivid or scary as some of yours! Although they've definitely been freaky, to say the least.

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I need to read you in the morning instead of at nighttime GIRL!!!!