Dec 26, 2008

My Christmas Duet With Mr. Fab

Note: You can hear the song at the end of this post, AFTER you read all of my disclaimers. *grin*

I was so enthralled by Zooey Deschanel's version of "Baby It's Cold Outside" from the movie "Elf" that I decided to enlist the help of my good friend Mr. Fabulous to create our own version of the song.

First of all, it's okay to laugh at me. I am by no means deluded enough to think I'm the next American Idol. But this was SO much fun to do!! I have been having so much fun and laughed so hard at myself. So feel free to laugh along with me. :)

Mr. Fab on the other hand is the king of karaoke and has had tons of practice. Natalie said he sounded like Johnny Bravo. *giggle* He will always be my go-to guy for duets (remember our last one? The one where you couldn't hear me because I didn't know about the "amplify" tool on audacity? Yeah that one.)

Now the karaoke version we selected for "Baby It's Cold Outside" was the one done by Tom Jones and Cerys Matthews. But I don't do high notes. So Zooey's version was out for me too.

And try as I might, I could not find a lower-note version of the song that fit my style from anyone else. Anne Murray was close, but I'm SO not an Anne Murray kind of girl.

So I had to make my own version which took tons and tons of practice. Trying to find the right lower key was SO hard! I still don't think I really mastered it, but I think I accomplished my goal of not scarring little children with my voice at least. :)

Now the ending? Impossible for me. No matter how many times I tried. But Brad, being the pro he is, was able to match my notes and I begged for him to sing really loud over me so no one would notice how bad it was, lol. Which he did (thanks, Brad!)

Another thing to keep in mind is that I have no idea how to edit my voice or the track, other than to amplify my voice (which I did this time) so that you can actually hear me over the music. I can't cut out bad parts and cut in good parts. So this is probably take #5,672. If everything sounded good and there was one part that was bad, I had to do a retake. I finally gave up and decided imperfection is fine with me, lol.

Are you ready? Here ya go...just click here! Woo!


Season said...

You sound great! You have that sexy whisperyness (is that a word??LOL!) to your voice. And Mr. Fab does kind of sound like Johnny Bravo. Great job by the both of you. Have a Merry Christmas!

Pamela said...

You remind me of Edie Adams when she sang the Muriel Cigar commercial!!

BlondeBlogger said...

~Season- Awww, *blush* Thanks!! A wonderful Christmas to you too and HEALTHY, happy New Year!!

~Pamela- Oh WOW...really? Thank you so much...what a compliment! I don't hear it (I hear dying elephants or something like that, lol), so I'm happy to know that's how it sounds to you. Merry Christmas!

Poppy said...


Sex Kitten meets Dirty Old Man.

whall said...

Are you kidding? That's awesome!

Letera said...

That was great. Very Awesome! Merry Christmas and Happy New years!

Gladys said...

He does sound like Johnny Bravo and you sound a little like Marylin Monroe.

BlondeBlogger said...

~Poppy- ROFL!!

~Whall- Aww, thx! I think you all are just being nice to me though, and you're going to make me be one of those people you see on American Idol who sounds awful and says, "But all of my friends LOVE my singing!" LOL

~Letera- Thank you! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year, too!

~Gladys- Okay, you're the second person to say Marilyn Monroe. You're going to make my head swell! ;) Thank you!!!

Dapoppins said...

How sweet is that!

And fun! Oh, I need some of that fun at my place...maybe it will multiply if I play this over and over?

BlondeBlogger said...

~DP- Thanks! It definitely was a lot of fun! You're in need of fun? Is everything okay? I'll head over to your blog to check in on you now. *hug*