Jul 27, 2008

SO True! - Comedienne Anjelah Johnson on Nail Salons

If you've ever had a manicure or a pedicure in a nail salon, then you are going to die laughing when you see this video. And if you haven't had either, then it'll give you a glimpse into what it's like, convo wise. I couldn't believe how much she nailed (ha!) it.

This girl, Anjelah Johnson is hilarious!!! I was so happy I found the clip on YouTube so I could show you all (I first saw it on Real Player and actually recorded it with my camera and was going to post it myself...that's how funny it was).

There's an uncut version of her stand-up routine there too. Just search her name on YouTube and you'll see it.


sybil law said...

Oh my.
I once had my hair done by some girl named Jung. I could NOT understand what she was saying to me, and I walked out of there looking like I was going to a video shoot for an 80's hair band!
It was awful - but hilarious!

Season said...

Very funny! I love getting my nails and toes done. I go every two weeks for my nails and get my toes done about once a month (only in the summertime though). I love the ladies at my nail salon. They do compliment you a lot... who wouldn't love that? My ladies name is Hannah... I wonder how they get their American names? Great post!

Pamela said...

She is very good!

ablondeblogger said...

~Sybil- Hahahahaha!!! I would've LOVED to see that!!!

~Season- I'm so jealous! I wish I could go that often. LOL @ "Hannah!!"

~Pamela- I know!! She's amazing. :)