Nov 29, 2007

I'm the Mother of an Adult Daughter!!!

This can't be real. My oldest can NOT be turning 18 today. An adult daughter? Me? No freakin' way!

Happy birthday, Amanda! I love you, big or small.

And yes, you still have a curfew. :)

(There's a YouTube video below that might take a minute to show up. As soon as I heard this song for the first time years ago, I knew I would play it on her 18th birthday. Have lots of tissues ready. I can't even swallow after watching it!)


Anonymous said...

I know what you mean. My oldest is 19. Hard to believe it some days.

Happy Birthday Amanda!!

ablondeblogger said...

Thanks, Laura. :)

It really is hard to believe. I still can't get over it!

Pinks and Blues said...

OMG... What a beautiful daughter you have!! I think it is wonderful that you played that song. You are a very loving mom... that's for sure!!! :)
- Audrey
Pinks & Blues