Jun 2, 2009

I Always Feel Like Somebody's Watching Me

So you know those really annoying Geico commercials:

Yeah, I hate them too. BUT....I couldn't resist this little idea when I saw the Geico Money Dude on my Netflix mailer:

And oh have my kids had a field day with this! GMD likes to stalk me most when I'm watching television. He has snuck up on me twice next to our couch:

He's so subtle that it sometimes takes me awhile to notice him:

He was last seen staring at me while perched on the entertainment center in my bedroom (I didn't get a chance to snap a picture of him there), but now he seems to have disappeared. My kids claim to have no idea where he went.

But I know he's out there somewhere....watching me. Creepy GMD.


Rachel said...

We have one of them at my office. It's an official kash money (did you know that it had a name) The Gecko actually planted them around the office. I hate the Gecko and Kash Money. (I work at Geico aka, HELL)

sybil law said...

That's just funny. :)

John said...

Hahahaha. Please send GMD to my house. Tell him not to come empty-handed. : )

Anonymous said...

Awesome. Just awesome. :-)

whall said...

In that last picture, he kind of looks like SpongeBob.

Christie said...

lmao :)

VE said...

Good one. My daughter and I keep hiding and passing a hockey puck between us. I have no idea now how it started but that damn puck has been in a lot of crazy places.

BlondeBlogger said...

~Rachel- That is hilarious! I didn't know it had a name. I can just imagine what it must be like at work for you, lol!

~Sybil- *grin*

~John- If I ever meet you in person, I'm so bringing him with me!

~Ren- Thanks. :)

~Whall- Really? I'm not seeing it.

~Christie- *giggle*

~VE- That's exactly what I was going to ask you...how did that get started? LOL