Feb 10, 2009

Mystery Mess

Warning: Don't read or view the photos below if you're squeamish

I was folding my laundry yesterday evening when I got to one of the shirts in the basket. This is what I found:

I wondered if I had gotten the laundry baskets mixed up and these clothes were actually dirty. But even if they were, I would've remembered getting something that gross on my collar.

Then, as I was holding the shirt, I realized that the part near the collar felt damp. This stain was fresh.

I looked into the laundry basket and found this in the corner:

Yes, dog vomit. For some reason, Sophie decided that my laundry basket, filled with clean clothes, would be a good place to throw up in. *sigh* Don't even ask me what that neon green stuff is because I couldn't tell you. There also seemed to be potatoes in the mix and I haven't made potatoes for any of our meals for several days.

I just love having to do laundry.....twice.


Trace said...

Oh my gosh.... world's weakest tummy here... eyes watered...nearly spewed!! You gotta love animals! I remember my brothers dog doing something similar when I lived with him. Ehh.. LOL

That's great Rob is doing so well!! YAY!! :)


sybil law said...

Green stuff = grass.Potatoes are bad for dogs, so if it is potatoes, she needed to puke!
I am so glad to hear Rob is better. Yay!!! xoxo

Anonymous said...

One morning (years ago) I was rushing to get ready for work and when I stepped into my shoe I found my cat had thrown up in it.

Don't animals make life worth living? lolol

SOOOOOO glad to hear that Rob is doing so well!!

Pamela said...


So glad to hear that Rob is on the mend -- what a relief.

John D. said...


Great for Rob! : )

Anonymous said...

Eeewww...I hate it when dogs vomit. Poor Pascal just looks disturbed when he does it, but the boss' brother has a puppy and when he did it the other day, they just let the puppy eat it up again. That makes me want to hurl myself!

I'm so glad the surgery seems to have helped! :)

Not a Granny said...

Doesn't it amaze you the spots our dogs pick to get ill????

So glad hubby is doing good!! Give him hugs for me!!

Jennifer said...

LOL...OH those dogs!! Cats are usually the culprit to those types of messes.


Anonymous said...

Bandit was 'bringing one up' so I quick grabbed a newspaper and threw it down in front of him.

So he turned his head to the side and hit the carpet.

I'm glad Rob is doing so much better.

Real Live Lesbian said...

I am not laughing! Because that is SOOO something that would happen to me.

Or the middle of the night squish between the toes. Ew.

whall said...

Fact of life #37: dogs puke and die in the places they feel most safe and remind them of their favorite humans.

Sorry. That's the way it is.

Anonymous said...

I used to get semi-warm cat hork between my toes, in the dark, at 3AM, its no picnic either, I feel for you :-)

BlondeBlogger said...

~Trace- Thanks, and sorry for making you squeamish with that pic! Be glad you didn't have to clean it up, lol!

~Sybil- Potatoes are bad for dogs? Crap...I've been feeding her french fries since she was a puppy (not everyday...just whenever I have them).

~GP- Hahahaha! I told my whole family your story and they cracked up too. Though I'm sure it wasn't funny for you when it happened. :)

~Pamela- Thanks! He's backslid a bit since going back to work but that's to be expected. But it's gotten him down a bit. I'm hoping enough for the both of us though.

~John- I know, right? That was my good Abercrombie tank that got the brunt of it. And thanks re: Rob! :)

~HW- LOL! Yeah, we have to fight Sophie because she will try to scarf it down as I'm rushing around getting towels and such to clean it.

And get this...one time Amanda threw up and didn't make it to the toilet. It hit her bathroom floor. By the time I got what I needed to clean it, our old dog (she's since passed) ate the whole pile!!!

I was kind of relieved and grossed out at the same time, lol.

~Trish- I know! Crazy! And thanks...I will give him a huge hug from you. :)

~Jen- I swear sometimes Sophie thinks she's a cat...in so many ways.

~MM- Hahaha!! That sucks! Sophie is so stealth and quiet you never know she's done it until you find the evidence.

Our Copper, though, used to be soooo gross. You knew it was coming from a mile a way and she made the most horrible sounds for about two minutes before she finally did it, lol.

~RLL- Yeah, THAT would've sucked much worse! When I was a kid, I was running around barefoot outside and got that squish between the toes, but it was from another canine bodily emission. I'm shivering at the memory right now!

~Whall- Awww, that's actually a sweet way of looking at it. That makes me feel better!

~Sam- That seems to happen to a lot of people! I guess I should consider myself lucky, lol.